GOP Lawmaker Calls To Hang Clinton On DC Mall “As A Warning To All Feminists”

Friday evening a Republican lawmaker from West Virginia called for former Secretary of State and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to be publicly hung in Washington DC. According to WOAY, Michael Folk, who serves in the West Virginia House of Delegates when he is not flying airplanes for United Airlines, posted a tweet stating: “@HillaryClinton You should be tried for treason, murder, and crimes against the US Constitution…then hung on the Mall in Washington, DC.”

Apparently, Folk has a bone to pick with the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate simply because she is a woman. In an interview with WOAY, the lawmaker argued that “Hillary Clinton is a woman who doesn’t belong in politics and who has decided that she wants to become President of the United States not to do good, but to satisfy her own, sick ambitions.” “We are talking about a woman here who used to be the First Lady. Most women never get to be that high up in the food chain, but suddenly, that’s not good enough. Nothing good ever came from excessive ambitions, as her husband well knows,” he added.

Asked why he called for the public hanging of such a prominent political figure, one who is about to enter the most important political race on the planet, Folk said that it has to do with the fact that “she shouldn’t be in there at all. She doesn’t belong there because she’s setting a bad example for women all across the country.” When he was told that Clinton had actually spent the majority of her campaign talking about female empowerment and equality with men, he waved his hand and quipped, “Don’t give me that BS.”

Folk then elaborated on his position: “That woman is a pathological liar, an opportunist and the most rotten, double-crossing, responsibility-evading excuse for a politician you’ll ever come across. Look at what happened with her email server. Look at what happened at our embassy in Benghazi. Look at how much damage she’s doing now. She needs to be institutionalized, not allowed to run for president. She doesn’t know how to listen and follow orders. At the end of the day, she’s a woman. That means she’s stubborn, double-crossing and undisciplined. And that disqualifies her from the presidential race, or at least it should in the mind of every normal person out there.”

“It was men who wrote the Constitution of the United States,” Folk continued. “It was men who won our independence from the British. And all that time, women were beside them, but only as secondary participants. They tended to the wounded, they cooked food, they sewed clothes and uniforms and they bore children. And now you have this woman, who thinks she’s got what it takes to sit down at a table full of men and be treated as an equal. Well guess what, after all she’s done, that’s not going to happen. We’ll be the laughing stock of the world. And for the record, she can’t follow orders for sh*t. Feminism is a plague, people. And feminists need to be taught a lesson in following men’s orders.”

“And for what it’s worth – she’s setting a bad example for young girls across the country. Instead of learning they need to tend to their man and support him in his daily battles, she’s going around telling them it’s okay to go to college, be the biggest slut on campus and then go into politics by marrying a politician from a wealthy family. She was bad for this country as the first lady, and she’ll be even worse as president. That’s why someone needs to save me the trouble of hanging her on the Washington, DC mall and do it themselves. Otherwise, innocent Americans are going to start hanging themselves across the country if she actually succeeds in her plans,” the lawmaker concluded.

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