GOP Rep. Gohmert Warns Spanish-Speaking Children ‘Not As Smart’ as English Speakers

WASHINGTON – Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas this week claimed that allowing non-English speaking children to go to school in the United States alongside English speaking children was not fair to either group. He said the practice was damaging Texas schools mainly because Spanish-speaking children were not as smart as English-speaking children, and the schools have had to dumb down to accommodate.

“For students, young kids trying to learn the most they can, and the teacher has to bring the education down to the lowest level, which means we’re not educating our kids the way they should be,” said Gohmert. “It is a disaster to these schools to have this many surging [Spanish-speaking] people coming in, students coming in.”

His comments were made on Fox News to host Tucker Carlson while discussing President Obama’s immigration policy, specifically the fact that refugee children who arrived recently fleeing violence in Central America were being allowed to go American schools. “Frankly, it’s un-American,” he said. “These kids show up and they don’t speak English and they’re really stupid and we’re supposed to educate them?”

Host Carlson agreed, adding that it was all a part of a scam because some of those enrolling into schools are “people who were pretending to be kids who aren’t.”

Gohmert insisted he had nothing against the Spanish-speaking children, but that he felt any attempt to educate them in an American school was foolish. “It’s not fair to kids that come in and speak only Spanish, throw them in a classroom with English-speaking students,” he explained. “It’s unfair to both the English-speaking and to the Spanish-speaking students. It is not fair. And not only that, Texas is going back, and you’ve got to speak Spanish to teach English in a school.

“Sometimes a child is just too dumb, and we as a country need to recognize the obvious signs,” he added. “Like when they don’t speak English. That’s a huge giveaway.”

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