GOP Rep Says Muslims and Jews Always Lie

WASHINGTON  – Republican Representative Duncan Hunter of California this week told C-SPAN that people from the Middle East are liars. “In the Middle Eastern culture, it is looked upon with very high regard to get the best deal possible no matter what it takes — and that includes lying,” said Hunter. “They have lied over and over and over. They are liars.”

The host then asked Hunter to clarify, “Are you saying all Middle East countries are this way?”

“Absolutely,” responded Hunter. “Every single one. Egypt. Iran. Israel. All liars. It’s a way of life over there.”

The California conservative said it was mainly due to the false religions predominately practiced in the Middle East. “Islam and Judaism are based on lies, so their followers are naturally massive liars,” he said.

He explaining that Middle Eastern politicians negotiate the same way they would barter for goods. “It is in the Middle Eastern culture to get the best deal that you can whether you’re at the marketplace arguing over buying vegetables or buying shoes at the marketplace, to do anything that you can to get the best deal. They like to barter there,” he said. “Jews call it haggling, but it’s the same thing. Lying.”

“Why do you think the whole Palestine thing’s gone on so long? Neither side trusts the other because they both lie. I mean all the time,” said Hunter. “Name one promise Israel or Palestine made that they’ve kept. You can’t, can you?”

After the interview, as Hunter was pressed for clarification on the subject, he appeared to step back from his claim for a moment. “I would say not necessarily all Middle Eastern countries. I know that’s a big generalization,” he said. “Qatar’s a pretty decent place. Also Cyprus. Do they count?”

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