Gov Christie Goes The Extra Mile, Donates His Pants to Create Tents for Families in Need

SEASIDE, N.J. — From the wreckage of Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has arisen as a heroic leader, receiving praise and gratitude from Democrats and Republicans alike. Governor Christie has worked tirelessly throughout the ordeal, displaying the confidence and bipartisan leadership that is so essential in times of crisis. The Governor, already excelling in his leadership role, went even further above and beyond the call of duty on Saturday, when he donated nearly all of his own pants at a relief center in Seaside.

The Governor’s inspiring, selfless donation included four pairs of jeans, seven pairs of slacks, two pairs of sweatpants and one enormous set of overalls. With each individual pair of pants able to provide shelter for four to six families, this may be the single largest donation that Sandy’s victims have received yet.

Disaster workers and FEMA officials applauded as Governor Christie walked through the shelter in his socks and a pair of white boxers that said, “I Love New Jersey” across the backside. President Barack Obama had only compliments and appreciation for Governor Christie’s no-nonsense, no-pants approach to the situation, saying that only a true democratic leader can be so effective while “letting the people wear the pants.”