Wiles: “The Great Flood Happened After Noah Tried To Sail From Middle East To America, God Hated It”

In a cheerful Christmas message recently, “Trunews” host Rick Wiles said that homicidal enemies of America are “coming by the millions” into the country. The End Times preacher warned listeners that immigrants “bringing bombs and weapons and chemicals and biological poisons” to kill Americans have already arrived in the U.S., and now millions of such people are entering the country because “the gate is wide open and the wall is down.” “The enemy is pouring into America and a bloodbath is coming,” he said.

“You know, in every single Bible I have read so far, regardless of the version, I can tell you that every single one of them states that God was against immigration, in all of its forms. And today, we have millions of people who are running away, or are pretending to run away from ‘war-torn’ areas of the Middle East, and coming to the United States. Let’s call it like it is, everybody knows that that’s just an excuse to saturate our beautiful country with members of another religion,” he stated.

Wiles also added that he has “nothing against Islam as a religion, but what I have a problem with is people coming here acting all humble and distraught, when in reality the only reason they’re here is so they could take American jobs from real Americans and over-populate what is today a Christian country with seeds of the Muslim god.”

“And I can’t emphasize enough what fools we’re making of ourselves, headed by President Obama, by welcoming the refugees with open arms. We are committing a sin, I am telling you, God is against immigration per se, and we are looking at the End Times if we don’t change our ways soon. Being compassionate is all fine and dandy, but when our own survival is at risk, we can forget about compassion. Besides, we can still be compassionate and divert the refugee ships and airplanes back to Greenland, I hear that’s a vacant spot with plenty of space for all of them,” he opined.

Wiles also said: “And for all those who want proof that God hates immigration, how about this: Did you know that the Great Flood was brought upon the Earth after Noah started planning to go from the Middle East to what is today North America? How about that? See, God hated the idea of changing the place of your birth, so he wanted to punish Noah by sinking his ship. Unfortunately, he didn’t get that one quite right, so Noah arrived safely and started reproducing and repopulating the Earth and thousands of years later, we’re in the same situation once again. Talk about history repeating itself.”