From Gummies to Hair Care: How the Marijuana Industry is Growing

It used to be illicitly smoked under the bleachers in high school, but since marijuana became legal in 35 states, its usage and potential have altered. The marijuana industry is in a unique position for market expansion now that recreational and medical marijuana are out from under the eye of the government.

This article will cover recent happenings in the weed industry. While joints and blunts will never go out of style, there is room for inventive product lines focused on recreational fun and medicinal benefits.

1. The Popularity of CBD Gummies

Edible marijuana is nothing new in the marijuana industry, but the rise of CBD gummies certainly is. They’re made with cannabidiol, which is the medicinal component of the marijuana plant. CBD products have all the positive benefits of weed without the side effect of getting high.

The best part of the CBD market is that people can either buy from a company or make the gummies from home. This means that the tools you need for gummy creation like trays, infusers, and other goods can be sold by cannabis companies. This introduces product line opportunities for cannabis companies hoping to get into kitchenware.

Infused gummies are on the rise in the DIY community. Whether they’re for parties or personal use, their customizable nature makes them appealing. And there’s always the option of making them with THC if the chef wants a high.

2. Unexpected Target Audiences

You may think that marijuana belongs to youths, but a surprising new demographic of parents has emerged for recreational marijuana usage. This target market tried marijuana in their college days and is open to revisiting that part of their lives.

Instead of grabbing a glass of white wine at their dinner party, they may go for a cannabis-infused snack instead. This group wants to relax, and legal marijuana has given them another avenue to do so besides consuming alcohol. With the right branding tactic, this demographic will connect with the edible snacks they’re buying and become loyal consumers.

3. Haircare Galore

The potential of the cannabis industry goes far beyond smoking and eating. Haircare is just one of the external products, like hand creams, made from weed.

These products help with insomnia and anxiety, among other ailments. For those with eczema and other skin issues, these products are excellent for symptom management. The vitamins within CBD promote a healthy scalp, and the best part is that it’s easy to regulate because it doesn’t contain the head-high culprit THC.

With hair salons becoming more interested in these marijuana haircare products, a consumer experience is born. CBD shampoo and conditioner are proven relaxers that will melt your stress away. One cannot help but predict that spa treatments may one day include a marijuana package.

The Marijuana Industry Is Not Going up in Smoke

There are mountains of opportunity to climb in the marijuana industry. From edible to cosmetic products, there are endless avenues to get your foot in the door of this blossoming industry. It’s up to you to discover where the greatest need for marijuana products lie.

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