Hannity Calls 49ers To Cut Kaepernick Because “Muslims Have No Idea How To Play American Football”

Fox News host Sean Hannity engaged in speculation on Monday regarding NFL star Colin Kaepernicks’s motivation behind his protest of the national anthem, Media Matters reported. “Who’s – who gave me this article today? I don’t even know where I got it,” Hannity said on his radio show. “Anyway, it said during the off-season he may have converted to Islam, and he’s also engaged with Black Lives Matter, and I guess hip hop radio personality DJ Nessa Diab? Who’s that? I’ve never heard of these people.”

The Fox News host then opined that the quarterback should be cut from the team “because there’s no way Muslims have the faintest idea how to play American football.” “Listen, let’s get something straight here,” he said. “I personally have nothing against Muslims so long as they stay in their country and don’t mess with us, okay? I hear they’re quite nice to be friends with, when you’re on neutral ground, that is. But the one thing I know is that they can’t play American football, they don’t know the rules, they don’t know anything about the game.”

“And honestly, how could they? They don’t have any grass where they live, and you can’t run on desert sand the same way you can on grass. I’m not being bigoted, I’m just being real. And you know, even if some of them are, in fact, born in other countries that have plenty of parks and grass, there’s still a chance their genetics might kick in and render them useless for anything other than riding horses trying to wrestle the dead sheep skin from the other guy, you know, like in Rambo III,” Hannity said mockingly.”

He added, “And I’m sorry, but we need players who are accustomed to grass and who, truth be told, aren’t Muslim. I say again – this is not because of any type of animosity towards Islam; it’s just that the sport is so competitive the teams need every edge they can get. And that being said, I really think the 49ers would be better off without Kaepernick, I mean, everything that’s happened is just ridiculous. Not standing up for the anthem is one thing, but who knows when his inner Muslim is going to decide to come out and trip while trying to run on grass. It’s just too risky.”

The Fox News host even painted an example: “Imagine if it were to happen right smack in the middle of a play, I mean, he could be right there, ball in hand and getting ready to make a pass when, all of a sudden, he starts acting all weird and forgets how to run and drops the ball and starts examining what that strange, green, fluffy material on the ground is.” “Granted, the crowd might look familiar to him; surely they have spectators in the Middle East during their dead sheep-chasing tournaments, but his teammates in jerseys and with helmets on? It could be disastrous; seriously, he could ruin a perfect play and cost them the championship. No, I think they really need to let him go,” Hannity concluded.