Hannity On Hillary’s Health: “Liberal Media Hoping She’ll Die Before Election So Bernie Can Replace Her”

Fox’s Sean Hannity continued his tirade against CNN media critic Brian Stelter on his radio show on Tuesday during a phone call with Donald Trump Jr., Media Matters reported. “The guy lectures me because I raise questions about, you know – Hillary’s falling down, she had health issues that were pretty significant, won’t release her health records, won’t release her speeches to Wall Street,” Hannity complained. Stelter took Hannity to task for peddling “reckless speculation” about the Democratic presidential nominee’s health.

“And here’s the funny thing – there’s no speculation at all when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s health, because everybody can see that something’s obviously off,” Hannity told listeners on his radio show. “And the fact that everybody’s trying to deny it and that they’re being so secretive about it only proves that there is, in fact, something going on and that it’s pretty major. Because, otherwise, they would have come out with it a while ago.”

He continued, “And everybody knows she’s got the liberal media on her payroll, that’s why there’s so much silence on the matter on their part, otherwise they’d be all over the story.” Hannity then released the brakes and went berserk: “But, here’s something nobody else will tell you – even though she’s paying them off to talk smack about Donald Trump, the liberal media is actually against Hillary Clinton. That’s right, they hate her so much they’d do anything in their power to see her drop out of the election and Bernie Sanders take her place.”

The Fox pundit then went on to elaborate that “they’re being quiet because they could be waiting for her to croak, because that would suit them best.” “You know, I hate to say it, but it’s a legitimate option from where I’m standing – they can’t stand her, they can’t stand the fact that she’s beaten Bernie, so whatever she’s having, whichever medical problem, they know about it, I can assure you they know all about it, but they’re being hush-hush because they don’t want the conservatives to catch wind of it. And so far it’s working,” he said.

“And here’s what makes it all interesting,” Hannity added. “What if they’re waiting to release news of her health problems just before the election? Realistically speaking, that’s when it could potentially do the most damage, because even though she’s an experienced politician, coping with that much stress can be very difficult. I mean, that’s a cheap shot, but I think we all know just how shameless the liberal media can be. They don’t give a rats a*s about anybody but themselves, especially not about the woman who already knows what the inside of the White House looks like.”

He added, “Now, if she were to die, Bernie Sanders would have no more obstacles to become the Democratic presidential candidate, which is what they’ve wanted from the start. I know this is all in the realm of guessing, but it makes a lot of sense, at least to me. I don’t know how you guys feel about this, but personally I would hate to see either one take the Presidency. Democrats got us into this mess, it would be foolish to expect them to get us out of it,” he concluded.

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