Trump Announces He’ll Stop Attacking Heidi Cruz: “Marriage With Ted Is Torture Enough”

A feud between Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz that has drawn in their spouses has escalated over a racy advertisement featuring Trump’s wife, a former model, that prompted the front-runner to target Heidi Cruz. Earlier this week, an anti-Trump Super PAC published the ad featuring Trump’s wife Melania lounging nude, and Trump threatened to spill the beans on Cruz’s wife. “Donald, real men don’t attack women. Your wife is lovely, and Heidi is the love of my life,” Cruz said in a post on Twitter early on Thursday.

However, after also threatening to release “nude photos” of Heidi Cruz, it would seem that the sharp-tongued billionaire is trying to cool things down, at least when it comes to wife-material. “Look, I know this whole thing has gotten a little bit out of control. I mean, these things are normal. We’re all under a lot of pressure, we’re going to be deciding the future of the free world in a couple of months and we both want the presidency pretty badly. But, I suppose our wives should not have become involved. It was distasteful of us to do that. But he started it,” Trump said in an interview, commenting on Sen. Cruz’s Tweet.

He added, “If you really want to get technical, I’m not afraid of getting into an argument. That’s known about me, I don’t take crap or insults from anyone, let alone Ted Cruz. But, the fact that he’s a liar has nothing to do with his wife, if I’m to be honest. She is just an innocent victim of unfortunate circumstances, and there’s no point in blaming her for that. It’s torture enough that she’s married to a pathological liar and manipulator, and if you consider that she’s not exactly Miss Universe, it’s fair to say that life hasn’t really been fair to her. I’m sorry because of all that, I truly am.”

“I mean, you don’t get to choose your genes or your looks. But, you’re able to choose whether or not you say ‘yes’ when you’re proposed by a Ted Cruz. She obviously had no idea what she was doing and has only recently begun understanding that. So, I can understand she’s got a lot on her plate right now, so I promise I’ll tone it down and stop attacking her. She’s not to blame, you have to understand that. She’s not to blame for having to wake up, be around, and then go to bed next to Ted Cruz every single day. That’s gotta be worse than having your fingernails pulled out with a pair of pliers. She’s being tormented enough as it is, so I’m not going to add to that. I may be many things, but I have always been a gentleman. And that’s one more proof that Ted Cruz isn’t – only us gentlemen get to have smokin’ hot wives. That’s just the way the universe works,” Trump concluded.

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