One Man Accidentally Purchases 100,000 Copies of Hillary Clinton’s ‘Hard Choices’

RICHMOND, Va. – Political analysts watching the sales of Hilary Clinton’s latest memoir, “Hard Choices,” were shocked this morning to learn that all 100,000 copies sold in the first week were accidentally purchased by the same man. Harold Cramer, 54, revealed his mistake to the press this morning during a press conference at his home of 22 years in Richmond.

“I just wanted to buy a little something for my wife,” Cramer told the gathered reporters while standing behind a large stack of boxes. “Turns out, she doesn’t even support Hillary anymore. She’s been reading something from that new Lizzie Warren character.”

Cramer held the conference to put pressure on Amazon to let him return the books. According to Cramer, Amazon refused to refund him for the order. Amazon has yet to issue a statement on the manner.

A minor controversy erupted this week after conservative magazine The Weekly Standard published an anonymous email describing the book as “a bomb.” Simon & Schuster, the book’s publisher, insisted in a statement that the memoir had sold well and that they were “confident we have a best seller.” Many Democrats were hoping Clinton’s book tour surrounding “Hard Choices” would catapult a 2016 presidential bid.

If Clinton did run, we know she would have at least one vote – one Harold Kramer, who announced at his press conference that “The book was pretty good – you know, for a lady writer.”