Should I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney after a Work accident?

The simple answer is yes, you should.

The worker’s compensation system is devised to provide appropriate compensation to injured employee in terms of medical care, wage loss and other benefits, but you need an experienced legal professional to ensure you get fair compensation.

It is highly recommended that you consult with a worker’s compensation lawyer immediately after work place accident. Even if the injury is not serious or you don’t expect any kind of problem from your employer, it is still better to get an expert opinion and get your case evaluated, advises worker’s compensation specialist, Jonathan Rosenfeld .

Moreover, the lawyers can guide you correctly through the whole process of filing the claim, appeal process, warn you about potential pitfalls and all the other processes that may be necessary to secure full compensation.

When can a lawyer be helpful?

1. Your benefits are denied or delayed

If your employer refuses to acknowledge your injuries and denies you the compensation, or even when there is a delay. A lawyer will help you understand the process, secure evidence and documents and establish a strong case.

2. Settlement offer doesn’t cover all the medical expenditures and lost wages

Might be possible that you have not received a fair deal in your compensation offer due to incorrect calculations. Leaving you with low wage loss benefits and hefty medical bills that you’ll have to pay on your own expense.

The attorney will ensure that you get compensated properly and get a fair deal.

3. You have been critically injured and are unable to work for extended period of time

If the injury or illness is of permanent nature, you may be entitled to weekly payments to make up for lost wages. Employers and insurance companies might avoid payment by finding loopholes.

An attorney will help you secure long term benefits.

4. You are facing retaliation for filing the compensation claim

If employer exercises any discriminatory act against you for filing for worker’s compensation insurance e.g. firing you, reducing working hours, demoting you, reducing your salary or harassing you in any form.

Then the lawyer will help you protect your legal rights and hold the employer accountable for their discriminatory act.

5. You are being accused of fraud

The employer or the insurance company may accuse you of faking your injury to get benefits and deny you your right even though you injuries are legitimate.

Then hiring an attorney would not only help you in fighting the false claims but also help you in securing your rights and benefits.

Worker’s compensation insurance is funded by either the employer or an insurance company and they generally don’t want to pay full amount in every possible claim of injury. Also these companies have a team of skilled lawyers at their side so that compensation on every claim can be avoided.

It is absolutely necessary that you have a proper legal representation and support to help you maximize your claim. Keep in mind that the lawyers get a small percentage of what they recover for you, hence you don’t have to pay a dime.