Hot Mic Catches Netanyahu’s Wife Reassuring Trump: “We And The Russians Love You No Matter What The Media Says”

Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was caught on camera Monday trying to reassure President Donald Trump and his wife Melania that people “love” them despite the bad press coverage they get. In a video posted at the Guardian, Sara Netanyahu can be seen telling the Trumps that she tells people “at every place how great you are” because “the majority of people of Israel, unlike the media, they love us, so we tell them how great you are and they love you.”

Following the formal greetings at the airport, the four held a joined press conference and addressed the plethora of news reporters and journalists from around the world who are following President Donald Trump’s official visits to a number of countries. “Thank you for joining us here today in such great numbers. It is nice to see so many members of the media from some of the greatest names in the business. We hope you are enjoying your stay in our wonderful country,” Sara Netanyahu started the address by welcoming the reporters who were present.

Right off the bat, she was asked about the comment she made to President Trump while greeting him. “I can see quite a bit of commotion going on even now, regardless of the fact that it happened not moments ago,” she replied. “I don’t understand, what’s so interesting about what I said? I was merely making a remark, I’m entitled to it. My goal was to make President Trump feel welcome and I I believe I achieved that,” she said and looked at Trump, who smirked and nodded.

She continued, “If that’s such a big deal – and it obviously is – would you like me to say it again, only this time loudly so that everyone can hear?” to which the reporters replied with laughs and whistles. “Mr. Trump – actually, I hope you don’t mind, but can I call you Donald?” she said with a smile. “I would now like to officially welcome you to Israel and also let you know you have absolutely nothing to worry about and fear. Both the peoples of Israel and Russia love you regardless of what the media says, and that’s the way it’s going to be for a long time. You can rest assure we are only saying the best things about you wherever we go and that’s not going to change, either.”

“As a matter of fact, I have many friends among the Russian people and I can say for a fact you are by far the most popular American president in Russia out of all the presidents of your country. I can also tell you with great confidence the people of Israel adore you just as much as my husband, and that means a lot, since Benji has sort of an iconic status around here. As for the media, I would advise you not to worry too much about them. There will always be reporters who favor sensationalism over facts – a problem both my husband and I know all too well. So, relax, you’ll be among friends here,” Prime Minister Netanyahu’s wife concluded.

She also added, “And you’ll be glad to know that we pulled some strings and, well, I don’t want to reveal too much, but there’s going to be several dozen cheese bacon Big Macs waiting for you at your hotel suite. No need to thank us, it was the least we could do. Though, if you could spare a nuke or two, that’d be sweet. But, I’ll let you talk that over with Benji later on.”