How Instagram distracts student community

Social media networks and Instagram to be precise are here to stay however, despite their many benefits they have their own down fall which is usually reflected in our lives in the form of the negative effects they have on our lives. The problem is even pronounced in the lives of millennials most of whom it happens are students. Many teenagers are tempted to buy followers and likes on Instagram from webistes like . It is their personal choice but buying real followers is not against the guidelines.

How does Instagram affect student lives?

It is amazing how Instagram is changing lives; people get information pass information and all that but one challenge and perhaps the biggest challenge is that just like any other social network it can be addictive.

The challenge is worse for youngsters who instead of using their free time doing constructive things and spending huge amounts of time Perusing Instagram pages with no objective at all. This leads to wastage of time which could otherwise be used to do homework or help in household chores.

In school with no regulation on the use of the internet of technology Instagram can actively distract class room teaching. How?  Usually the internet knows not its users so if their there is not guiding policy regarding the use of phones or any electronic device in school student will get lured into signing in and even chatting with one another will classes are going on. The situation is even worse in institutions of higher learning where internet limitations are minimal or do not exist at all. Some students want more number of likes on Instagram and they take help of social media marketing services, which in turn wastes their time.

How the distraction happens.

Usually every person has the right to check on their Instagram account for updates, so a student will log into their account hoping to check the updates and resume what he/ she was doing immediately afterwards. Usually a 5-minute Quick check is good enough. What people actually know is that give the luring and addictive nature of Instagram the 5 minutes time elapses, it is then extend to 10, 30 and ends ups in hours worthy of time wasted just sitting on a computer or screen just scrolling through other peoples lives.

In this way, the constant distractions that Instagram and other social media platform have negative affect the learning ability of a learner. For instance, student who spend time surfing the internet while halfway listening to their teacher are likely to walk out the class full of latest and trending updates but zero knowledge gained in as far as learning is concerned.

Taking an example of higher education institutions, classes usually take 3 hours. If a student waste 20 minutes looking at his screen that translates to 90 minutes which an hour and half wasted. Of course, addition a one minute of adjusting to the 90 minutes a simple calculation will show that the student waste nearly half of his/ her class room time on the social media.

Another is issue is abusing the network. Where student use university or school computer accessing their accounts instead of using them for research or learning. You will walk into a computer lab but then find that all computers available are occupied and the occupants are not using them to surf through their Instagram accounts.

There are many ways Instagram distracts learning to curb this problem institutions need to implement strict policies that co troll the use of the internet in their institutions.