How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Turbo?

Unexpected car repairs (especially when it involves your engine) can leave you feeling helpless and panicked. This is especially the case when the maintenance for your vehicle requires high turbo repair cost. When repairs arise, it’s ultimately your choice how you handle them. Below is some helpful information and advice on repairing your turbo, and some other options to contemplate as you move forward.

What is Turbo?

A turbocharger, or turbo is a part of your car’s engine. It can improve the engine’s efficiency and power. To be brief, all cars burn fuel. This fuel creates power. In turn, you generate more power if you have a turbo.

This is because it allows excess air to flow through the engine, which in turn burns more fuel and adds to the output energy of your engine. The main takeaway: a turbocharger adds power and efficiency to your vehicle.

Signs of a Bad Turbo

turbo repair cost
Cost to Repair a Turbo

One indicator to look for is if any smoke is coming from the exhaust. Another is if you hear any sort of rattling or whining noises while idle or driving. Worst of all, if your car will not start, this is another sign it could be failing. An obvious thing to consider is if the check engine light is on.

As with any mechanical part on a vehicle, these lights and sounds can be attributed to an entire host of other problems as well. However, it’s a good rule to follow that if you’re noticing any of these problems, it’s time to check in with mechanics for turbo-machinery repair.

All About the Turbo Repair Cost.

turbo repair cost
Turbo Repairing

Repairing your turbocharger can be quite costly. As you know, most car repairs require more than one part getting replaced. They commonly come with many other minor repairs and assemblies that can add up. You should leave this repair to professionals because it’s complicated and expensive.

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A typical turbocharger repair is around $150 Meanwhile, it can cost up to $1200 if you were to buy a brand new turbo. No matter which you choose, there is also an additional cost of labor which varies by the mechanic.

Get in touch with the professional mechanics prior to committing to your turbo repair. If you do not want to turbo repair cost, but would rather completely replace the entire turbocharger assembly, you can do this, too.

Buying a new turbo is beneficial if your current one has other damages that make any repair difficult. Mechanics at Sinspeed can run diagnostic checks to consider which is the best option for your vehicle’s longevity.

Last Resort of Turbo Repair Cost

turbo repair cost
Turbo Repair

If all else fails, and you don’t want to go through with repairing your turbo, consider purchasing a new vehicle. However, this can be expensive and downright impossible for many to pay for a brand new car out of pocket with cash. To explore your financial options and minimize your debt, consider working out what you know you can afford. This is where auto loans come into play. Auto loans are a great way to assist new car owners.

To break down how these loans work, you can first make a down payment. This down payment can take down your overall loan amount which lessens your overall monthly payments. Your interest rate on your loan depends on many variables, and it can play a large role in how expensive your payments are. These variables include your credit score, the loan period, and even the lender.

Since lenders offer different percentage rates and deals for new auto loans, it’s recommended that you explore your options before heading to the dealership. Be sure to consider and explore all of the car finance options. Financing tools like these explore the different lenders and contract details. This way, you’re guaranteed to save time and money in the long-run.


It’s worth getting your car checked as soon as you notice any form of smoking, whining or rattling noises, or failure to accelerate with power. This way, you can fix any potential damages before they get worse. Once you’ve gone through with repairs or decided on your next steps, you’re on your way to owning a well-maintained vehicle.

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