How to Find Energy Plans That Fit Your Lifestyle – And Budget

Do you want to do your part to help save the earth, but don’t know where to start? Well, it might be right under your nose. Surprisingly, the easiest place to start is in your home.

Look around, how to find energy and what can you start recycling instead of throwing away? Can you switch to LED lights instead of regular bulbs? Do you know how to find energy savings around your home?

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How to Find Energy Plans for Fit Life

To make the biggest impact around your home, you need to take a look at your energy bill. Are you using too much? Are you being charged too much? Is the company you get your energy from committed to sustainable sources of energy?

In some states you’re allowed to choose your energy plan Don’t worry if this sounds confusing, you’re in the right place.

Keep reading to learn all about what to look for in an energy company and how to find energy for your fir life.

How to Find Energy Companies in Your Area

The energy industry has been deregulated since 1992. This means that there can be more competition among energy companies, which means more options for you as a consumer.

Historically, you had one option in your town for your electric bill and you had to use them regardless of if they had a plan that met your usage needs. Currently, Texas is the most deregulated state, but 11 states and the District of Columbia are currently deregulated.

This means you have options as to where you buy your energy from and the energy plans you can choose from. Research your state to see if you have options to find a better energy plan that fits what you use each month.

How to Choose the Best Electricity Plan

As mentioned, some states offer multiple options thanks to deregulation. But this can get confusing. Simply put, when you look at your current electric bill, you’re actually paying for two services.

First is transmission and distribution – meaning you pay them to keep up their poles, the lines, the shrubbery around the poles, everything that helps them bring your electricity to you.

Secondly, you also pay for the amount of energy that you use. This supply portion of your electric bill is what you can start to shop around for. Based on the system where you live, this is usually called retail energy providers and it might come on two different bills or you’ll still see them on the same bill but separated.

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Make a Difference for the Earth in Your Home

As you research how your family can do your part to help the planet, take a closer look at your energy bill. You might not be limited to your municipal utility company. Keep looking to find out how to find energy companies with plans that work for you.

It might take some research, but you can find the perfect energy plan for your family’s lifestyle and budget.

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