How to Give Your House an Instant Facelift

It’s easy to wish for a complete house makeover—we’ve all watched Extreme Makeover: House Edition― but not everyone can get on a TV show to get the house makeover of their dreams. Nor can everyone afford a house makeover.

Sometimes the change you need is easier than that though. Often, it’s simply about putting in a little extra effort with your own two hands. A house facelift can include repainting a wall or door, upgrading your armchair to an electric recliner chair or simply remodeling your garden. A facelift doesn’t have to be dramatic such as knocking down walls and starting fresh. It can be easy and fun, especially when you let your mind get creative.

Also, it may be exciting to be hands-on with your house changes. Do everything you want to make your house into your dream home all over again. It could feel just as good as getting a new house while appreciating the one you’ve got. Let’s show you how to get it right.

Upgrade Some Furniture

Maybe you’ve tried moving your furniture around, hoping it would spark that feeling of a new environment, but it didn’t work. What could be the next option for you?

Look into buying one statement piece of furniture. This can be a lamp, a stunning sofa, an antique desk or a fancy loose carpet. Pick one item that could make a huge difference in the room as well as tie everything together. There’s no need to renew all of your furniture. Moving things around while adding something new could draw more attention to the change.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

It’s possible that buying a new piece of furniture could be out of your budget so repainting a wall or two is a dynamic but affordable option. It could also be a wonderful idea to make an accent wall somewhere in your living room or even outside your house. You can even make your front door the accent wall by painting it a bright and exciting colour, bringing more attention to your home.

Making your house look new with a new paint job can really make the facelift more noticeable.

Update Some Light Fittings

Changing light fittings could be a cheap way to give your house a facelift.

If you’ve had the same light fittings for a while, adding modern hardware or lampshades will add more diversity to the overall look of the house. Change one or two fittings, possibly focusing on a design that can draw attention to the room.

One option is a hanging light; something that could really catch someone’s eye when they enter the room. Also, look into changing the bulb so it can brighten up the room.

Don’t Throw it Away

It can be easy to throw away old items in the process of giving your house a facelift but rather give some of them a deep clean first. Afterward, you may realise there’s no need to discard it. Not all old items can be saved, but cleaning curtains, carpets and your couches may show that they can look good as new. This saves you a lot of money on replacements AND you’re giving the room a new look.

Upgrade Door Handles and Knobs

Maybe you’ve had the same door handles or doorknobs ever since you moved into your home, which makes them ideal items to change up. By changing the metal or shape of the door handles you could add a small difference to every room in your house. You could even change your doorbell or knocker to match the new theme.

There are so many different types and styles of door handles to choose from these days. When adding something new, it’s wise to look for unique pieces that will set your home apart from the rest.

Additional Tip

It may not be inside your house but changing up the landscape of your front yard can also give you that feeling of a new house. Sometimes it’s just the simple act of cleaning things up, changing the layout, and planting new types of flowers that could really give your garden and the rest of your house an upgrade. Look into changing the tiles of your walkway and maybe add some bushes or garden ornaments.

Final Thoughts

In today’s society, it is easy to want everything to be new, new, new but there are simpler ways of improving a home. You’ve probably thought about how much it could cost to renovate your house and that can be a scary thought. So, instead of creating all those bills, work with what you’ve got first.

This process could even be fun for you and your family to work together as a team to create the living space you all want. Make a family activity out of the whole experience.

Think budget-friendly, think house facelift!