How to Improve Your Hiring Process in an Increasingly Digital Business World

Technology has been changing the business world for quite some time now, but since COVID-19 rocked our world, the tech movement has amplified.

Today, like it or not, we’re all thrust into an age where we must rely on technology to do business. And while we’ve all rolled with the punches as remote working became a thing, hiring can present a few new challenges. Adopting new technologies will separate the COVID winners and losers.

In this post, we’re going to cover how to improve your hiring process in an increasingly digital business world.

Perfect your virtual job description

In this increasingly digital world, the written word is more important than ever. Not only must you write out all the qualifications and responsibilities, but you must do so in a way that calls out the important things. When the unemployment rate is high, you can expect that applicants are applying to many jobs. And rushed applications can result in missed details, which will ultimately waste everyone’s time.

Use a large and bold font with bullet points to highlight key details on your job description. And where applicable, use images, slides, or video.

Not only will this help applicants see whether they’re qualified, but it will also show potential candidates that your company embraces digital technology and is at the cutting edge.

Rely on social hiring and referrals

If you want to stand out and find the best possible candidates, you must go further than simply posting the position on job boards.

Sure, there’s a chance that’ll work, but if you really want the right candidate, put your network to work for you. Talk to colleagues about what you’re looking for in a candidate and consider an employee referral program. There are a few reasons why referrals from current workers are so effective. First, your employees are likely to know exactly what the position and company culture require, so they’re better equipped to make a good match. And second, if the referral works out, your new employee will start with at least one ally in your organization — and that can improve workplace happiness.

Master the virtual interview

Once you narrow down your search to a few qualified applicants, you’ll need to conduct a virtual interview. If this is your first time interviewing virtually, you may want to do a test run with someone.

At the very least, make sure you have a good internet connection and all the software and hardware you need to run a Zoom meeting. Without a fast internet connection, you’ll run the risk of losing connection during the interview, and that can really throw a wrench into things.