How to Keep Employees Motivated and Happy: The Complete Guide

Did you know that 61% of employees are actually burned out when it comes to working every day? Employee burnout can come from many factors such as stress, bad work environment, or even poor management.

One way to make sure that your employees aren’t burnt out is to help keep them motivated and happy when they come to work. As a manager or business owner, are you doing your part in figuring out how to keep employees motivated?

Keep reading for our complete guide on how to keep employees motivated and happy.

Give Them a Good Work Environment

One of the best ways to promote motivation in your workspace is to make sure that each of your employees has a good work environment. Creating a good work environment starts with making sure that their physical environment is comfortable.

An open office environment is a great way to promote teamwork but sometimes employees may feel cramped or claustrophobic. Make sure that each of your team members has enough space to efficiently get their job done.

You may even want your employees to work together and come up with ways that could make them more comfortable. If it is within the budget, then go ahead and do it! This could be things such as investing in a new coffee maker, faster printer, or anything else that could improve the way that the office works.

Promote Open Communication

Another way to make sure that your employees stay motivated is by promoting open communication. Make sure that your employees know that they can come to you with any problems that may arise.

As the manager, you’re going to want to set an example when it comes to communication when your employees. Have good communication skills when it comes to replying to emails, making decisions, and even talking about what you did over the weekend.

When a manager promotes open and honest communication then it becomes clear that the employees should also do the same. You should want your employees to all have great communication skills with each other as this will help them stay motivated and work on tasks with one and another.

When your employees have good relationships with each other you will see productivity in the workplace at an all-time high. This is why you want your employees to be happy and comfortable when they come to work.

Use an Employee Assistance Program

If you don’t already have an employee assistance program for your team members, then you should look into setting one up right away. An EAP is a great way for your employees to get the help that they need regarding personal problems or work-related issues. Problems that could arise inside or outside of work could really hurt one’s motivation when it comes to getting work done.

This type of program will let your team members get in contact with a professional at any moment right away for any problem that they may be experiencing! There is tons of information that your team will have access to so they can get the help they need whenever they need it.

One of the best parts of using this type of program is that they won’t have to endure an awkward conversation with you or another member of the staff about their problem. They will also work with a person who is a professional and will be able to answer any questions they might have. This is an awesome way to help them stay motivated and happy at work because they will be confident about any personal or work-related problems they might have.

Recognize Their Progress

Nothing gets people more motivated as when they’re recognized for something that they’ve done. This is why as a manager you should always remember to recognize your team when they go out of their way to do something exceptionally well.

There are plenty of different ways that you can recognize your employees when they do something good. A simple ‘good job’ in passing or even in a private email is always a great way to recognize someone for something great that they’ve done.

You can even go out of your way during a meeting to recognize a team member for something good that they completed. When you recognize someone in public for something this may also start a chain reaction where other people will want that same feeling of recognition so they will strive to do better too.

Saying ‘thank you’ is another great way to recognize your team for something that they’ve done!

Don’t Micromanage

One of the last ways that we try to promote motivation is by not micromanaging! Micromanaging is one of the quickest ways to kill an employee’s motivation because they may not feel like they’re skilled enough to complete the project on their own.

When you let an employee do everything on their own and only jump in when they ask, then you may find that your employees have more motivation than ever before. This is because they will feel confident in themselves that they can get the tasks done.

It is also important to let your employees know that you trust them to get the job done. When your employees know that you put your trust in them, then they will also be motivated and happy with the skills that they possess.

How to Keep Employees Motivated and Happy

So when it comes to learning how to keep employees motivated and happy there are tons of things that you can do for your team members! Make sure you talk with each of them and see how they can be more comfortable at work.

Remember that positive feedback is a great way to motivate your team and keep them happy while they’re at work. So the next time you see one of your team members doing something good make sure you recognize them for it!

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