How to Market a Law Firm: The Ultimate 7 Tip Guide

With there being over a million licensed attorneys in the United States, it can be a challenge for your legal practice to gain traction. That’s especially true when you live in pockets of the country that are impacted with legal professionals (NYC, LA, etc.).

When the going gets tough though, tough legal professionals get going and the first thing many of those resilient experts do is make investments in marketing.

Understanding how to market a law firm can be tricky because not all marketing channels provide great returns. To help you get the most bang for your buck and your time when it comes to getting your firm’s name out there, our team has compiled a quick guide that’s filled with viable strategies worth investing in.

Keep reading to discover what they are.

1. Dig Into Your SEO

If you don’t know what SEO is, you’re missing out on a valuable marketing channel that can prove to be a game-changer for your firm. SEO stands for search engine optimization and describes the process of understanding what “keywords” people are typing in online when searching for legal services and targeting those keywords on your website.

Going in-depth into SEO goes beyond the scope of this post but here’s a robust guide that can get you on the right track.

For those of that you that find yourselves getting overwhelmed by the ins and outs of SEO, know that several marketing firms exist that can manage optimizing your search presence on your behalf.

2. Run PPC Ads

PPC ads are commonly used by law firms to get the phones ringing. These ads run on social media pages, search results pages, and across other websites as elements people can click.

When PPC ads are clicked, prospective leads will be sent to a landing page you specify and you’ll pay the ad exhibitor for the assist.

There is an art to running good PPC ads which rely heavily on understanding who to target and creating landing pages that entice. Do research on the ins and out of PPC before spending big money on campaigns to make sure you get the returns you’re seeking.

3. Get Active With Reviews

Have you taken a look at your Google or Yelp reviews lately? If you have a bunch of unanswered reviews or no reviews at all, you’ve got work to do.

Whenever you have a satisfied client, be proactive in requesting that they leave you positive feedback. Once that feedback lands on your review pages, promptly respond to it so onlookers know your firm is active in engaging customers. The same is true when it comes to getting negative reviews.

Negative reviews should be responded to with understanding, an apologetic tone, and a willingness to make things right.

4. Start Blogging

Blogging probably isn’t at the top of your how to market a law firm to-do list. We appreciate why that may be as it can take a lot of time to craft good posts and manage a solid blog strategy.

What a lot of law firms don’t know though is that well-written, keyword-targeted posts can do wonders for SEO efforts. We’ve seen a single blog post serve as an inbound marketing channel that brings firms 90%+ of their online leads.

See if your firm can make time to blog or can hire out a contractor to manage posts and keyword research on your behalf.

5. Socialize Digitally

Getting on social media may seem like an antiquated business move but it’s still an angle worth exploring. After all, prospective customers may be heartened to see that a law firm is present on Facebook or LinkedIn and is sharing information with its followers regularly.

See which social media platforms gain your firm the most traction in the way of getting phones ringing and online engagement. Stick with those platforms and try not to diversify too much because it’s better to not have social media accounts than it is to have accounts that are poorly managed.

6. Sponsor Local Programs

Not all marketing needs to be done over the internet. As a matter of fact, a firm that invests in its community can see growth much faster than a firm that pours thousands into digital advertising channels.

Find local youth sports teams that are looking for jersey sponsors. Pay to be the “presented by” sponsor for a community contest. Anything you can do to let the people in your firm’s neighborhood know that you can about them can go a long way when it comes to finding leads.

7. Try Radio

Anybody that’s learning how to manage a small law firm has likely mulled over the prospect of marketing on the radio. That’s probably because a lot of legal professionals pour big bucks into getting their messages out over the airwaves.

In our estimation, not every legal niche thrives on every radio station. You have to be very intentional about understanding the programming that’s on and assessing if the people that are likely to listen to those stations would be interested in the product you’re selling.

If you think your services and a particular radio program could be a match, take the leap. Radio has provided a lot of business for several lawyers and continues to do so.

You Now Know How to Market a Law Firm

Knowing how to market a law firm means knowing how to survive in an impacted legal landscape. We hope the tips we’ve shared with you via our brief marketing guide have upped the confidence you have in your ability to get your name out there.

Should you need more guidance on anything related to law firm marketing, broad business needs, or topics in between, check out additional content in our digital publication.