How Wholesale Distribution Is Transitioning Towards Value-Addition

With the advent of information technology and the current buzz of digitalization, many people have started questioning wholesale distribution – its place in the supply chain. Surely, if one was to eliminate the distributors and go straight to the manufacturers for their product, they would get a good deal. This thought process has led to the idea of completely eliminating wholesale distributors which have enabled such businesses to think outside the box and provide value in the services they offer. There is a huge place in the supply chain for wholesale distribution and Supermarket Distributors of America have identified that.

Role Of Wholesale Distributors

Role of Wholesale Distributors

When manufacturers create a product, they involve the wholesalers in the mix to have their products marketed to the right person. Many would argue that a manufacturer can easily do that, but then having to set up your own marketing team and a distribution center with the right logistic support can lead to millions of dollars in expense. It would also take time for the manufacturers to develop this part of the business and therefore impact operations and profitability. This is why many successful businesses outsource some business processes so that they can focus on their core.

How Wholesale Distribution Is Transitioning

But is the role of wholesale distributors only limited to the distribution of products? Not quite. It might seem that this is what they do but the picture is a bit different than what you may perceive. Wholesale distributors, in a world where technology is taking over, needed to carve out their niche.

Yes, previously wholesale distributors were only limited to the wholesale distribution of products. However, in the day and age of digitalization where many prefer to cut the middle man, wholesaler-distributors have upped the ante to provide value to consumers. Each doing their own thing, supermarket distributors of America have identified the gap between consumers and manufacturers. This gap is known in the industry as the distribution of knowledge.

Supermarket Distributors Of America: Service Advisors You Can Rely Upon

Supermarket Distributors of America

Supermarket Distributors of America have more than sixty years of business experience guiding consumers on the products. Their focus on customer service and ensuring what the customer wants is a great way to boost the manufacturer’s sales. Targeting the right market is not only good for the manufacturers but also the wholesale distributor who is often considered to be “the middleman” in the 21st century.

Think about it this way. You want to buy a product for your store or warehouse and have no idea which product is perfect for you. What do you do? You tell your needs to the distributor who then ensures you have the right product for your business or operations. Now, cut the distributor and where are you left with? Searching the internet for hours, going through tons of reviews and YouTube videos on products. This is time-consuming and most often but not, these reviews are usually paid for. This is why many consumers keep on returning to Supermarket distributors of America as with their sixty years of experience in the industry, they are the best service advisors to consumers.