Cruz: “The Military Should Focus On Hunting Down Gays Instead Of Being A Cauldron For Social Experiments”

Mount Pleasant, Iowa – Saying the armed forces should not serve as a “cauldron for social experiments,” U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is voicing skepticism about the military’s decision to end its ban on transgender soldiers. Whenever asked about the issue, he always stopped short of saying that, if elected president, he would bring back either the transgender ban or Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the policy that prohibited gay people from openly serving in the military. In Sac City, Cruz was specifically asked how he would handle the 2010 repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell under President Barack Obama.

“I think military policy should follow what is necessary for good order and discipline, that we shouldn’t view the military as a cauldron for social experiments,” Cruz replied. “And so on questions like that, my first question is going to be listen to the expert judgment of the generals and admirals.”

In an exclusive interview with Newslo, Cruz stated that “the Obama administration has clearly made it a mission to use the United States military, the most feared and lethal military machinery on the planet, as a test to see how far they can push their LGBT rights agenda.” Cruz also added that he “has got them figured out.”

“I can tell you right away that, from a political standpoint, as well as when you look at it with simple logic, such a move makes sense,” the Texas Sen. told Newslo. “In their minds, if they can take something that’s traditionally and predominantly male and macho, butch even, like the military, and turn it into a ses pool of disturbed and deviant gay and lesbian relationships, and then sweep that whole idea under the rug of gender equality and same-sex marriage, they’ll will have proven their point. But, they made one mistake – it’s all too obvious.
And if I had no trouble seeing through their intentions, neither will God-fearing Christian Americans.”

Cruz also said: “The military is the symbol of a nation, especially one as bold, courageous and great as America. I don’t take kindly to someone playing around with our military, especially since the number of our enemies keeps on growing by the minute. I mean, what do you think the enemy is going to think when they see American G.I.s kissing and holding hands while on patrol? That’s not the kind of military we need in these times.”

“Instead, how about having a military focusing on hunting down and killing gays? That would be a great thing to see both for Americans at home and our enemies abroad. Not only would that restore the faith of the people in the American military, but we would also be setting an example for countries and armies around the world,” Cruz concluded.

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