Fox News: “Trump Is Only Obsessing About Kelly Because She’s Not An Imported Top Model”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s détente with Fox News host Megyn Kelly ended on Friday when he called on his fans to boycott her show, The Hill reported. “Never worth watching. [It is] always a hit on Trump,” he posted on Twitter. “She is sick [and] the most overrated person on TV.” Trump’s remark came a day after he accused the Kelly File host of devoting her shows to him despite “always complaining” about the candidate. It is the latest salvo in the on again, off again feud between the real estate mogul and the conservative network, which he has accused at various points of being unfair to him.

A Fox News spokesperson issued a statement addressing the Republican presidential candidate’s tweet, which reads, in part, “Today the American public life has stooped to a new low. We are witnessing ferocious attacks on a newscast professional and a woman who is a mother of three at the same time. Donald Trump is a sexist, racist bigot who has never seen beyond artificial, imported Eastern European women who have no other trait than respecting and abiding by the words of men with money. It is shameful that a person such as Donald Trump was allowed to enter the presidential race, especially since he is not a career politician. Should he become President of the United States, it will signify the beginning of a new catastrophe for this country. May God help us all.”

“In fact,” the statement further reads, “the only reason behind Donald Trump’s incessant insults and provocations is the fact that he is completely and utterly incapable of being involved, romantically or otherwise, with American-born women. He only likes Eastern European women, and for one reason alone: they only respond to white people with lots of money, which is precisely the case with the leading Republican candidate. American women are just too much to handle for him, which is why he always opts for the easy way and imports foreign females. Not to mention that that’s another proof of his hypocrisy, since he was one of the loudest presidential candidates that advocated a sharp turn in U.S. immigration policy.”

“Put simply, if Megyn Kelly were born in the Czech Republic or Poland, for example, and if she were an unscrupulous, moral-less top model, she’d be right up Trump’s alley. In fact, his current wife is the perfect example of his cup of tea when it comes to wife material. However, since Mrs. Kelly has had a successful career in law, and seeing how she is the host of the second-most popular political talk show on Fox, she is exactly the type of woman that intimidates Donald Trump. As such, she is prone to his attacks and insults, because he can’t get over the fact that a woman is capable of seeing through his quasi-macho, sexist outer layer,” the statement concludes. “If Donald Trump had been born in any other country in the world, he would have been in jail or dead by now.”

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