Donald Trump: “Importing Women Is Much Cheaper Than Buying U.S.-Made Ones”

“It’s more than a little ironic that a guy as hardline on immigration as Donald Trump has been surrounded by immigrants his entire life, starting from the early beginning. “My mother was born in Scotland, in the Hebrides, in Stornoway, so that’s serious Scotland. And she was a great woman,” Trump said in a 2010 documentary. “Whenever anything was on about, ceremonial about the Queen she could sit at the television and just watch it. She had great respect for the Queen and for everything (she) represents.” In 1930, an 18-year-old Mary MacLeod sailed for America from Glasgow on the S.S. Transylvania, according to a copy of the ship’s passenger list on MacLeod arrived in New York and married Fred Trump, the son of German immigrants himself.

“Trump’s current wife is also an immigrant. Melania Trump moved to New York about 20 years ago. The Slovenian-born model now has her own jewelry and caviar-cream skincare lines. She married Trump in 2005 in a fairytale wedding that included a wedding gown reported to cost $100,000. And the next year, she became a citizen – a decade after arriving in America.

“It’s true, I fell for a foreigner,” Trump recently stated in an interview. “I was smitten by her and I couldn’t help myself. And when I married a foreigner for the second time, I realized something. Importing beautiful women into America and marrying them is much cheaper than buying the gold diggers that are made here, at home.”

The media mogul also stated that he was a bit surprised that he didn’t think of it sooner: “I must say that I kind of feel bad I didn’t come to this realization sooner. I usually have an excellent nose for business, but I guess this is one of those things you just have to experience personally in order to fully appreciate them. Who knows, I might even make some sort of law about that if I’m president.”

“And that’s the great thing about importing gorgeous foreign women,” Trump added, “They bring their genes with them. So when they have kids, you know they’re bound to be as gorgeous as them. That way, we’re not only repopulating America in a legal manner, but we’re also beautifying the nation. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

The Republican candidate also said: “Trump builds walls. But also, Trump makes people happy. Trump makes Americans happy. How else would you be able to marry all those European and Asian models legally? I think about everything, don’t worry. As for Mexicans, I’m thinking about letting only the good-looking women stay. The rest of them can f*ck off.”