GOP lawmaker Encourages People To Get Infected With Cancer: “We Can Just Flush It Out With Salt Water And Sic”

A GOP lawmaker who claimed that cancer is a fungus that can be treated with salt water has had the license for her home healthcare business in Nevada pulled, reports KTNV. Republican Assemblywoman Michele Fiore’s home based “Always There 4 You” health care company has been under investigation by the state after she refused to allow inspectors to look at her books despite receiving $6 million in Medicaid funding over a five year period.

After Fiore refused to meet with auditors and threatened officials with political retaliation, the Nevada Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance pulled the flamboyant lawmaker’s license on Tuesday after being unable to contact her. Inspectors who showed up at Fiore’s headquarters – after she failed to respond to a registered letter – found a new company moving into her former place of business. According to a statement from Fiore, she claims she decided to close the business due to government red tape.

Fiore came to national attention after claiming on her radio show, “People should go and get infected with cancer without any concern for their health and their lives. Because it is a type of fungus, you can get infected with it quite easily and the best part is we can cure you in a matter of hours. And that’s what the big pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know – we DO have a cure for cancer and it’s so simple it will blow your mind.”

“And this is where things get interesting – why should you get a cancer infection? Because after we’re done treating you, you’ll actually feel better than before, and the treatment will also take away any underlying conditions you might have had and were not aware of. So, not only does our treatment help millions of people find a cure for cancer, but it also heals them from many other illnesses at the same time. So, stop waiting around and find yourself a cancer patient a.s.a.p,” she added.

The Republican Assemblywoman then went on to claim that the cure for cancer was “ridiculously plain,” and that all it would take to rid a person of this terrible disease is to “introduce a small pic line into one’s body and then simply flush out the fungus with sodium carbonate (sic), salt water.”

“Seriously, that’s all there is to it,” she added. “But, the government doesn’t want people to know that and they don’t want it to be that simple because they are making millions of dollars off of chemotherapy and other treatments that only poison the body and cost thousands of dollars each. Our government has long ago figured out the saying ‘You milk the cow, you don’t slit its throat.’”

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