If You’ve Been Injured You Might Be Able To Claim Compensation

An accident or mishap that results in a personal injury can happen at any time and to anyone. Often damage is so minor that it’s not a problem. Still, when an accident results in a more serious injury that requires medical assistance and leads to a potential loss of income, Australians have the right to claim compensation. So does that mean everyone who suffers an injury can claim compensation?

It depends on the circumstances surrounding the injury and the severity of the injury itself. Consulting with experienced compensation lawyers is the best way to determine if you have a valid claim.

Let’s check out a few scenarios where you might be able to claim with the assistance of a law firm

Motor Vehicle Accident

When someone is involved in a car accident, the first thing they’ll generally do is contact their insurance company in the hope they’ll cover the cost of repairs or replacement. Natural enough, but what many neglect to do is chase up compensation for any personal injuries resulting from the accident.

Motor vehicle accidents don’t just involve cars, motorcycles, trucks, and so on. They also include pedestrians and cyclists being struck by a car or run off the road. If you’re a cyclist or pedestrian and a car hits you, you have a right to make a compensation claim.

“Slip and Fall” & “Trip and Fall” Accidents

Slip & fall accidents are most common in public spaces like shopping centres, supermarkets, takeaway food stores, or even on slippery tiles and footpaths during rainy weather. They can happen to anyone if we don’t notice the hazard. You slip on a wet floor and injure yourself. You can claim compensation for that if your injuries require medical assistance or keep you out of work.

Trip & fall accidents are similar, except that the person stumbles on something on the ground and takes a fall. This could be builder’s equipment left lying about, a hole in the path, uneven tiles, and so on. Once again, if the incident results in a more serious injury, then you have every right to file a compensation claim.

Worker’s Compensation Claims

Australians are naturally covered under worker’s compensation, and often this insurance will cover your journey to and from the workplace as well. Anyone injured performing their duties has a right to make a worker’s compensation claim, mainly if your employer was negligent in any way or asked you to perform duties above and beyond your skillset or experience.

Even if you’re doing your regular tasks and suffer a mishap resulting in injury, you can make a valid claim for compensation.

Make a Claim for Medical Negligence

Medical negligence is a matter of medical staff – and this can include places like pharmacies as well – not performing to an expected standard of patient care. Examples could be being prescribed the wrong medication by your GP or your pharmacist filling the prescription incorrectly. Another example is your doctor determining the wrong diagnosis of your particular problem, or failing to come up with any diagnosis at all.

There are several other examples as well, such as receiving the wrong operation or falling ill after spending time in the hospital for some other injury or ailment.

Sometimes medical negligence can be challenging to prove, so you’ll want to have a specialist lawyer on your side.

Enlist the Aid of a Compensation Lawyer

Making a compensation claim of any kind means going into battle with big insurance companies. These insurance companies are happy for people to pay their premiums, but they’re never as keen to actually pay out money.

It’s in your best interest to enlist the help of a lawyer, and you’ll find most offer an initial free consultation, and will usually take on your case with a “no win no fee” guarantee.

This puts you, the injured party, in a great position to go after the compensation payout you need and deserve. You have nothing to risk by contacting a law firm that specialises in compensation claims.