Instagram Will Make Your Email Campaign More Strategic And Result Driven

Whether you are into fashion business or may be an owner of a restaurant, in order to make sure that you reach out to more customers through your email marketing campaigns, you will need to harness and use the power of Instagram for email marketing. 

How to Get Emails from Instagram?

  • This will help you a great deal to notify your customers about the new product launch or the offers you want to make currently.
  • This combination will expand and in fact maximize your reach and at the same time will ensure that you get the highest return on your investments. 

In order to integrate Instagram and email marketing in the best way possible you will need to follow a few basic and important steps such as:

  • You will have to prepare an Instagram business account, if you do not have one that is
  • Upload all the images that you want to share and 
  • Insert the Instagram feed into your Email

This way you will be able to showcase your creativity to the people who may be your customers or subscribers. They will get an idea of what is coming up through your email and get to see the product on your Instagram feed. This will eventually help them to make a buying decision quickly and more conveniently. Since images speak for the quality of your offer, the users will be more interested to visit your site for sure and that will even raise then number of traffic to your site

Reasons to Integrate Email and Instagram Marketing

Therefore, integrating email and Instagram marketing will provide you with a number of benefits. You will be better off and way ahead of your competition with such an approach because, according to the research report of Movable Ink it is revealed that:

  • 76% of all emails have a social media button and 
  • Only 14% of the emails include social images.

Therefore, your emails will be unique and more effective if you add Instagram photos in the content. 

Given the competitive market landscape, it is high time that you as a marketer realize the potential of Instagram in email marketing. According to research Instagram provides customer engagement that is:

  • 120 times more than Twitter and 
  • 58 times more than Facebook.

This has made this platform the fastest growing and the most popular one among all social network channels which is reflected by the fact that the platform has reached the one billion active monthly user mark as on June 2018 which is up from the 800 million mark in September 2017.

In addition to that, the inclusion of several other new and useful features such as Instagram stories has made it all the more popular especially to the business brands. They have been able to upsurge their engagement rates and that too without requiring to invest a huge sum of money to buy real Instagram likes.

Variations to Use 

Today, marketers do not only use both Instagram and email marketing to reach to a larger audience but also use different variations to blend then traditional email marketing approach with the sophisticated Instagram marketing strategies. This helps them to amplify their emails and their marketing campaigns.

There are three unique ways in which you can make this combination work even better. These are:

  • Hosting a contest: you can organize one of the many different types of contests on Instagram in order to drive greater customer engagement. This will also create a better brand loyalty among your customers. You can build such a contest around an automated feed of your latest Instagram photos. Such promotion will encourage more customers to participate in the contest and win a reward or even a gift card in return.
  • Hashtag incorporation: You can incorporate proper and relevant hashtags with your posts to make them attractive and easy to find as well. Hashtags are specific words or phrases prefixed with # sign that are relevant to the context and contest objectives. When you use the hashtag, you will make it easy for your audience to discover how different use your product and cherish to be associated with your brand.
  • Add Follow Instagram button: When you add this specific button, it will make your audience well aware of your presence which ideally is the first and foremost thing to do. Yes, there are a few people on this good earth who are new to this platform and therefore are not savvy or trained much to handle the different features or even find a particular brand of their choice. If you add an Instagram Follow button, your targeted and less knowledgeable Instagram followers will be able to visit your account and participate in the contest or see the product straightaway.

These variations will make your emails as well as your Instagram posts look incredible and appealing to the audience.

Using Photos for Email Campaigns

You will not be able to use any and every photo that you come across in your email marketing campaign. You will need to have proper permission to do so to make sure that you obtain the legal rights for the photographs. It all depends on the source you use and how you collect them. 

  • You can get this permission by sending a direct message on Instagram or
  • You can even comment on the particular post to seek permission to use the image.

However, you will need to keep in mind that there may be a few Instagrammers who may not allow you to use their photos. They may simply not allow you to reuse or may have prior arrangements with other different brands for the same with or without a compensation.

However, you will find many others who will be more than happy to allow you to do so. They are more concerned with the new found fame that they will have being associated with an Instagram page of the brand they love. Just make sure that you give them their due credit before you use such user-generated content in your emails and also notify the date when the email newsletter will be mailed. Read more: 15 Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools (2020)

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Kevin George is a marketing expert and is associated with some of the major brands in the US. He will make your Instagram marketing a success without you needing to buy real instagram likes with his tips and advice.

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