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Palin Supports Black Pastor, Calls For Re-Introducing Slavery On Voluntary Basis

“According to Tony Evans of the Urban Alternative ministry, black people should blame themselves for the current state of the black community. The Christian Post reported that, in an interview with Darrell Bock, Evans said the black community needed to get back to “the biblical standard that God holds us to,” and stop blaming white people.

“Evans explained: “The biggest problem in Black America today is the breakdown of the family. The breakdown of the family is unraveling us as a community. When 70 percent plus of your children are being born out of wedlock and the fathers are not there to tend to them, you’ve got chaos in the community. That’s crime, that’s unemployment and most of these kids are going to be raised in poverty. And that’s something we control.”

““The white man is not making you do that. He’s not forcing you into that position. That’s a convenient out.” Evans added black families had become weaker since the United States abolished slavery.

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““In slavery we did not have laws on our side, the community on our side, the government on our side, the broader community on our side, our families were a lot stronger. We were a lot more unified and we made a lot more progress. We’re going through regression right now and a lot of that is because of decision-making we are responsible for,” he said.

Supporting the pastor’s unorthodox views, Sarah Palin, who is known to have an opinion on every matter, spoke to Newslo exclusively and stated that “it seems like Evans has got it all figured out. So, I’d like to offer my advice and support in realizing his ideas.”

“When slavery was first abolished, to say that that was a radical change would be an understatement,” Palin said. “In fact, it’s a historical one. So, today, when everything everybody seems to be talking about are illegal immigrants and their status, maybe it’s time to make another equally radical – no, scratch that – historical change that would bring the attention of the public back to the real problem – the black community in the US.”

Asked to further elaborate, Palin openly said: “What I’m talking about is realizing the pastor’s idea somewhat indirectly – bringing back slavery, only this time making it voluntary. That way, the people would be able to have the best of both worlds. On one hand, black families would become as strong as before, and on the other, it would reduce pressure on the already tense relationship between white people and the black community, not to mention that it would put down the racial fires all across the US once and for all.”


  1. How about this Sarah Palin, you move to Russia. Heck, according to you it’s right in your back yard! (sarcasm) TO the Pastor aka Sambo aka Chicken George, why don’t you and your Congregation head on over to Russia with Sarah Palin! I’m sure wind’s needt’ washin’, food that should be a cookin’ now don’t tarry get your stick and bag and get ‘ s to steppin’! SMH!

  2. This preacher, should be hog tied and put back in the cottonfields, along with his flock, obviously, they don’t have a problem with what he said. I had already said, if whites felf the need to HOLD blacks in slavery again, they would seek the help of the no good preachers in the church, and they would ablige. Telling blacks it is blacks fault blacks are in the condition we are in, hell no, it is whites fault, the white racism system, slavery made for them.

  3. You can’t voluntarily be a damn slave! Why is she so dumb? More importantly why do they allow her to speak publicly? She sets women back a year every time she opens her dick SUCKING lips!! STFU! And fuck the preacher with a dirty DILDO dumb BASTARD!

  4. God, I am seriously asking today…..WHAT did I do to be so black and BLUE….especially whenever Sarah Palin runs her mouth. She is a wonderful display of bad education, lack of imagination, and an inability to be rational. In Your kindness, TAKE HUH! TAKE HUH! TAKE HUH!

  5. The #MOST dangerous thing about all of this is the inability of some Black folks who read these articles as “facts” when are merely SATIRE. Such can be manipulatd by gossip, distorted facts, and fake news, and be instigated into paranoia and propaganda because THEY REFUSE TO VERIFY WHAT THEY READ. They are as dangerous to anyBlack Unity as any Klansman, and the KKK laughs at them. STOP IT PEOPLE! STOP THESE COMPREHENSION DEFICIENT PEOPLE! Fuck if they get mad……they are weak minded.

  6. I am not surprised at all, But I wish a mother fucker would try putting me and mine on plantation some where and then sell off my kids and my husband for profit,and make me breed like an animal,rape me,and most likely my daughter,make me breast feed your white baby,and all that evil shit!!,and im talking to the ones who agree to this shit!!! You really want a race war you damn their about to start one,because if mofos want to try this I most def,will take as many out before they take me out…….thats all im saying……

  7. this black pastor seems to be missing some brain cells, and Sarah Palin is as dumb as every, they are trying to make slavery seem like a vacation or something, they forget in slavery people were brought and sold like cattle, women were raped by the masters, families were torn apart, slaves were lynched and worst, so if this was better time maybe Palin and the Pastor should be the first to volunteer. I really hope this article is really just a big joke.

  8. She sounds ads ignorant as the statement about slavery Tony Evans made. It was never better for a Black man to see his wife made to be be raped by a white man and could for nothing about it. It was never better to have all of your children put on the slave block and sold like cattle. It was never better to be made to feel like you were no more than animal and never recognized as a human. Let Tony Evans and Sarah Palin travel back through time and become slaves of yesterday then see what their opinions of slavery be!

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything as absurd as this–even from a mindless person–first there were no coherent families during slavery because the white people would become jealous and sell half the family just to break them up–and second white girls and women are having just as many babies out of wedlock as black–Sara Palin’s daughter is at the top of the list–watch where you throw your stones–might come back and break your own glasshouse.

  10. All of you do understand that this is a satire news site right? You don’t actually get your news from this horrible site right? There is a fact, hide fact button. Click it, you will see that the things this article says Palin Said are completely made up by this ludicrous site. I am very liberal and I hate Sarah Palin for a lot of things. But this kind of editing of facts with complete fabrications in order to get stupid people to post these lies on there pages like they are real is the worst form of propaganda I can imagine, because it actually hurts the fight we should be waging against republicanism. Republicans and conservatives are crazy and out of control and deserve to be outed and vilified for their horrible views, but lies are lies and facts are facts and NEWSLO is a real low in the world of online News. And any anti Republican persons should be ashamed of this kind of defacement to our cause.

  11. They said “a form of salvery” actually there was a biblical form of salvery. If someone was about to be freed and they didn’t want to go they would take an awe and put a hole in their ear. That meant they were bound to that master for life. A good master, not a bad deal.

  12. The Reverend needs to update his reading. It’s the biggest in ALL OF AMERICA, NOT JUST BLACK AMERICA. It’s White America that’s teaching 17 year olds chants about “hanging Ni_ _ _ _ _.” What does Tony Evans have to say about that? He went to talk the OU Football Team but there was no public condemnation of Whites or Jews. He only criticizes Blacks. Why? All of America has the problems. It’s a societal problem, NOT A BLACK PROBLEM. I really thought he was more intelligent than that. It cones across in a bad way. I don’t think he means what it sounds like. I could be wrong?

  13. Stupid is as stupid does. Slavery caused the destruction of families as blacks were “breed” and parents and child could be and were sold to separate owners/kidnappers. This Willie Lynch mentality that has so many of us in psychological slavery started ib physical slavery. Can he be any more Uncle Tom-ish or OREO-ish?

  14. Who in they right mind would listen this garbage and voluntarily put themselves into Fucking slavery???? And far as color goes….their are lazy…non home training….absent fathers….crime….and unemployment every race….bitch kill yourself and stfu already….and voluntarily enslave yourself and your family….see how strong makes your family….ignorance doesn’t have a color and its not excuse to open your loud ass month….ppl pray for these two idiots it’s apparent they need it

  15. All on a Voluntary Basis, while we are at it as a human race, I guess the jews should ask for the camp again, women should ask their men for permission to go out side, and why stop there, let us stop wasting our time in cars, there are wood and wheels we should be using to travel. Yeah, just saying.

  16. Dear black people. You know that Ms. Palin is not the only one who believes this will solve our issues. In fact, many are planning our return to the fields. They already have a lot of us in slaved in the prison systems and through human trafficking and other forms of modern day slavery.

  17. Hes basically saying that us aa blacks were stronger morally then. We helped eachother, stood by eachother, etc instead now we’re constantly competing with eachother and bringing eachother down… Hes not saying go bk to slavery hes saying we as a race need to go bk to our moral foundation that we had bk then including stronger faith in God n n morals… A lot would change… N yes our family separation did start during slavery when the husband was either killed or shipped of to work n left the mothers to raise the fam alone. Which lead our younger men to not know what a husband/fathers role is in the house is

  18. This sounds like an article you’d read on the Onion. Surely it’s some sort of parody or satire? I mean, Palin has definitely said some pretty out-there things, but it’s hard for me to believe any sane person would suggest establishing a system of voluntary slavery in this country. It’s bonkers.

  19. Let us blacks be the slave owners and own all the land and buisnesses this time around. We were whipped our families were seperated and our women were raped who wants to volunteer to go thtough that. Thats why she can never be president! And stop attending that pastors church he a sell out.

  20. People, this is just a made up story to create Guided satire for who like this sorta banter. If this story was true, all the news channels would having media orgasms and Palin would be buried in a shallow grave partially eaten by black bears. Lol! I just made myself laugh. Have a good day everyone!

  21. Amazing insight! I totaly agree with this notion, though I would like to add an antidote:

    Why not have the pro-black community, that has enslaved the minds of hundreds and thousands of black people into thinking they have no accountability in their community…(it’s all the white man’s fault) and that they, in fact are not Americans, but Africans trapped in the land of milk and honey….have them go Marcus Garvey and build ships to ship their asses back to Africa. They are detrimental to black progress, by enslaving black minds and distorting their perception of themselves…


  22. I understand that it is satire but we do know that she is simple enough to have said this. After all this. Is the woman who said “I can see Russia from my house or window”, I didn’t quite commit it to memory because I don’t fill my head with the rants and ravings of idiots.

  23. JUST ENOUGH NEWS… Newslo is the first hybrid News/Satire platform on the web. Readers come to us for a unique brand of entertainment and information that is enhanced by features like our fact-button, which allows readers to find what is fact and what is satire.

    Newslo’s “No Need to Satirize” brings you completely factual stories that are so ridiculous, they don’t need our trademark touch. Whenever you see #NNTS, you’re reading COMPLETELY real news that only seems too absurd to be true.

    DCpols.com , another website from WNETS.NET

  24. This is another ass wipe pastor worried about his collection plate on Sunday is he for real yo idiot turn in your collar dog you don t deserve to be a religious leader, try this how about putting so new schools in the hood or maybe some job raining programs and train some these young people at the jobs your friend keep hiring from over seas . you know what your a chump ….fool

  25. Of course white ppl will support slavery if you dumb enough to do it so picking cotton raping and whoring black women to be comfort girls putting lightskins in the house to offend darks putting death or cruel and unusual punishments to blacks that disobey or runaway is what unified the black community and a black man said that even when black s were free we still were segregated because whites didn’t want to be around them they starting the problem from the beginning this country was built on hate and lies

  26. Palin before you swallow go real deep bite his shit off and then keep what you bit off then watch him bleed to death while you still have the dick in your throat choking you so you can fucking kill yourself bitch why don’t we put you white motherfuckers in slavery so we can sell your children and make a fucking profit I see you voluntary blow the uncle tom pastor bitch

  27. Shame on these nuts having a dialogue like this, slavery destroyed the black race it did not help,unemployment and education a problem, undercover racist has some of the same problems. Americans suffer with same issues if you are black, white or other. .

  28. If this article were true and Sarah was dumb enough to actually say that, then I would say Yes, bring back slavery, except blacks would be the masters, and whites would have to subjected to us, and policies that blatantly discriminate against them. Sarah Palin should be the first in line

  29. The notion that someone needs to revert back to slavery shows me that this preacher and Sarah Palin are both insane and need counselling. There is no one alive who was a slave in America, so how can someone revert back to something they have never done. The cause of the breakdown of the black family begins at home and in the community. I believe that our racially biased justice system has more to do with it than anything. What about the big differences in the sentencing of blacks and others. What about the stiffer penalties that the crimes blacks commit carry over the crimes that whites commit. Why can a black man recieve a life sentence for stealing food, and a white person get probation for molesting a child. That is what needs to be looked at rather than looking at something that is never going to happen. I say that this preacher needs to take heed to his own words. Why don’t he move to Alaska and be Sarah Palin’s slave……..

  30. black pastor, God did not put that thought in your head, that is not of God. I like to see how you do under slavery, this is slavery you are in now, i don’t like it, and it is not of my doing and the black man doing. It was create for you to control you, understand that before you take us back. they got us not trusting, not getting along, pitting us against the police, them against us, a way to keep them down, jailed, but you the black man walked right in, eyes wide open, they wanted you to take the easy way.

  31. It got on here show facts and hide facts, no she didn’t say all this but she’s agreeing with all this satire or not , it should’ve been said at all, so to that preacher and whoever else want to take up for this foolishness , you all go an be slaves

  32. Calm down and Stop and read carefully. (1) Tony Evans is talking about the regression of the Black family, especially from a spiritual perspective. (2) This story is satire, meaning it’s not true (3) The Sarah Palin quote is fiction (4) click on “Fact” and click on “Fiction” to see which parts of the story is fact and which part is fiction.

  33. They be are on something the white do control jobs and if they don’t want to give you one you can’t make them hire you because there job is to keep down just look how they treat the president just go from that it should tell you something and ask O j Simpson and how. he was setup

  34. If this is true what Sara Palin is alleged to have said then the white man is asking for a 2nd chance to make things right. It’s not gonna stop racial prejudice if we became slaves in the 21st century, racism and prejudice is a remote feeling and those feelings can manifest into actions. I wouldn’t consider it for a million dollars.

  35. This sounds like toggle switch logic and what I mean by this is that white people think that they can press the same button of slavery and racial hatred and reinvent another one with the clap on effect that’s more updated than the first that would help show them in a positive light. in other words they want to reinvent the wheel where they again are slave masters but 21st century slave masters and want to prove that if they were given the opportunity to be slave masters again that they would not be cruel and evil and prejudice as their ancestors.

  36. I long for the day when Americans begin to ask the Lord to give the people of this nation wisdom. It is 2015 and everyday it becomes more evident that, as a nation, we didn’t learn anything from the mistakes of our forefathers. I clearly understand why God destroyed the people of Noah’s time and only spared Noah’s household. “He was the only person who had enough wisdom and common sense to seek guidance from a higher power than other humans.”

  37. Slavery: Not either one of you were around during slavery. Slavery were the norm back in the time period. The story behind Slavery have been mislead for many years. Everybody had slaves, like African had white and other African They own planation just like the white people. Slavery were not bad, people of today make it bad

  38. Toney Evans is like so many other negroes in society. He ran so far from his hellish past, he forgot what caused it in the first place. I’m sure he didn’t say volunteer slavery. Was there any other way for the black race in america. What was the alternative Toney? You are a white culture wet dream. Like John Lennon said ” Imagine all the people “

  39. Gee, I wonder what sister Sarah really thought about the out of wedlock birth issue, that nobody is making the blacks have children out of wedlock. Does this apply to her daughter Bristol? That’s a mighty big glass house you’re throwing those stones from, Sarah honey.

  40. Wtf typa shit ….this lady needs to be on the unemployment line , and CNN …are you kidding how can she or the pastor make such statements and still be allowed to practice in their current businesses …..absolutely no one should ever be subject to this ….it makes me wanna throw up to think someone would suggest this to my children .

  41. If Palin and this fool think that it is a good ideal to bring back slavery then this time let the white people take the place of the black and let see how they like black man coming in at night and taking their white women. plus selling of their family member. How would she like for her family to work in the field for food while the own of these slave get the money. end of story.

  42. Thats bullshit, no racist or dumb ass republican would ever say that, it would have to be on every chanel and news and a video of it for me to even believe that shit. Secondly they are getting slavery from inmates, prisoners who work for companies thru their work programs. Thats tbe only way someine will work for free and get beat down, physically, and mentally…

  43. I don’t get it. So is satire the new word for telling a lie? The new word for insighting anger in an already tense community? Provoking racist banter to further fuel the flames? Its not satire …its stupid, and should be liable for damages. Wait until Sarah Palin sees this!

  44. This is the STUPIDEST article EVER. First of all Pastor. Slavery started the domino effect of the destruction of black families. Marriage amongst slave was not allowed. When it was found out the family was split. As a mean to further break down their spirits and humanity.

  45. First of all Pastor Evans and Mrs. Palin, black families weren’t stronger during slavery, because the truth is slaves had had know real since of family. Husbands, children and wives were stripped away from one another and sold ass a commodity. Slaves had know say so over themselves nor their family. The Master was daddy and his wife was momma. Slavery was actually the desolation of the black aka negro aka African American / people of color are what ever you call us.? After slavery, any progress that was made by the descendents of slaves was demonize and destroy by the whites out of fear, envy and jealousy. One example is BLACK Wallstreet!!!! The blacksbhad not gain true footage since the beginning of slavery. The “willie lynch project” was a well devised business plan that was implemented for & by slave owners ( master)!!! Mr. Willie Lynch had advised the slave owners if implemented correctly the evidence of this genocide would last for generations may 1000s of years. And every act that this society has place in an around the African American community has been a well devised “Monkey wrench” in the progress of the blacks! I could go on on about slaveries affects on African descent people around the world. The truth is irrelevantbro a close ignorant mind , black Pastor Evans (Uncle Tom) and Ms. Palin.


  47. But a recent study proved that black men who have children out of wedlock are more likely to be active in their children’s live (cook dinner, read books, change and clothed then) than any other race. He’s speaking out of his ass and if he and his family wants to be slaves to Miss Palin so be it, but I’m not going to go along with this coon.

  48. Slavery tore the families apart the wives the husbands the children…all so if slavery did anything it broke black ppl down. No education no rights no say over your life no hope. Dr.Evans is still under master slave own laws and mind control he see himself as less of a man because of the color of his skin maybe because the way he is treated by others. America is built on theft rape murder lies sins slavery etc if that be the case give blacks money do for their hard work building this country send us back to our land with finances owed so we can live give this land back to the natives the real Americans and you finance yourself and go back to yours

  49. Slavery tore the families apart the wives the husbands the children…all so if slavery did anything it broke black ppl down. No education no rights no say over your life no hope. Dr.Evans is still under master slave own laws and mind control he see himself as less of a man because of the color of his skin maybe because the way he is treated by others. America is built on theft rape murder lies sins slavery etc if that be the case give blacks money do for their hard work building this country send us back to our land with finances owed so we can live give this land back to the natives the real Americans and you finance yourself and go back to yours

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