Introduction to Fantasy Sports

A fantasy games, which is also less commonly referred to as roto or rotisserie, is a kind of (predominantly) internet game where players gather imaginary teams of real life players of a particular sport. These teams play against each other using the statistical performance of the athletes in real games. Their performance is changed into points gathered and summed up to a roster chosen by the manager of each fantasy team.

Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association

This point system is not complicated and can be calculated manually by a league commissioner who manages and directs the entire league. Points can also be calculated and compiled with the aid of computers which monitor results in real-time. In fantasy sports, teams owners have capacity to drop and trade players just like in the real sport.

This interesting gameplay has drawned in millions of Americans, who engage in fantasy sports on a regular basis. BettingsSites outline a growing trend that predicts even greater expansion of this multibillion dollar industry.

There is a Host of Fantasy Games Players can be Part

Ranging from basketball and baseball to football and golf. As a fantasy sports, golf can easily be monitored and administered as each player is only concerned with the scores of the members of his or her team without any other complications.

The first fantasy football league to be reported was established by Winkenbach in 1962 in Oakland. The team was known as the GOPPPL or the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League and consisted of eight teams. George Blanda was the initial player to be taken in the initial draft.

The first fantasy baseball league ever reported started in 1960 in Boston.

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