Is It Safe to Drink Tap Water? How Water Treatment Effects You

In your home, drinking fresh water from your tap should be a daily routine that doesn’t cause stress.

The fact is though, more than 60 million Americans are exposed to unsafe tap water each year. That staggering number makes you wonder if it is even safe to drink tap water in your home.

There are water treatments available that can help alleviate some of your stress over tap water woes in your home.

We are going to look at how those treatments affect you and the water that you drink


There are contaminants in the water you drink daily. Some contaminants are harmless in small amounts and others can cause severe health issues.

Toxicity in your water can be caused by:

  • Industrial waste
  • Pollutants from farms
  • Human contamination
  • Pipe decay

In order to stay on top of what is going on with your cities water supply, you should call your city water company or you can contact the EWC, a private organization that tests water independently.

Health Risks

As we stated, there are health risks associated with drinking contaminated tap water. The EPA hasn’t updated its MCL’s or maximum contaminant levels for over 50 years.

These are some of the health risks and the contaminants associated with them:

Atrazine– This herbicide enters the water via runoff from farming. Atrazine causes hormonal and reproductive issues in both males and females.

Copper– Copper contamination is caused by old water pipes. This contaminant is harmful to newborns and for people with Wilson’s Disease.

Lead– Lead causes irreparable damage during childhood. There is permanent damage to behavior and learning capabilities.

Nitrate– This is a common fertilizer runoff. Increased exposure to the chemical leads to oxygen deprivation in newborns and can increase the chances of cancer.

Radiological Contaminants– These are contaminants caused by certain minerals. The can increase cancer risks and cause issues with fetal development.

These are just a few of the many contaminants and the health issues they cause.


Now realizing the effects of contaminated water, the water professionals are now recommending a variety of filter systems for tap water.

Here are the filtration options to make your water safe.

Pitcher Filters– These are ideal for small amounts of tap water. They are generally small enough to fit into your refrigerator and are easy to use. This style is relatively inexpensive but does not last as long as other filter options.

Faucet Filters– These filters are mounted directly to your faucet. They work by filtering the water as it comes out of the faucet. They are convenient for their on-demand design but they do slow the water speed.

Plumbed Filters– These are installed underneath your sink in most cases. They are plumbed-in to an existing water pipe and are then given a separate tap. They are ideal for filtering large amounts of water and do not require you to change your existing faucet set up.

Whole House Filters– These filters are installed on the main water line of the home. This allows for clean filtered water in kitchens, bathrooms, tap water, etc. These filters require professional installation but last for a very long time.

These filters will help to eliminate contaminants in your drinking water safely and effectively.

A Home With Safe to Drink Tap Water

The comfort of knowing that your home has clean and safe to drink tap water is something that should be guaranteed.

Unfortunately in these times, we have to take extra measures to ensure the quality of our water.

Doing your research about water in your area can help make the difference between good and bad health for you.

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