Ted Cruz’s Father :“Obamacare Is A Secret Plan To Bring ISIS Terrorists To The U.S. As Fake Doctors”

Rafael Cruz recently returned to “Breitbart News Daily,” where he had previously warned that the public school system was a part of a communist plan to “brainwash” kids to hate America. Cruz, the father of presidential candidate Ted Cruz, once again issued a dire warning to listeners, alleging that the Supreme Court may soon do away with American principles and that President Obama is bringing in ISIS to the U.S. through the refugee resettlement program. “The decay, the deterioration of America in the last seven years has been at an accelerated pace,” he said. “We are seeing the destruction of America before our very eyes.”

“What many people don’t understand,” Cruz senior continued, “is the fact that Obamacare was actually put in place to act as a bridge for ISIS terrorists. A bridge that’s supposed to enable them to come here illegally and pose as doctors who allegedly want to help. And that’s not surprising, considering the fact that fewer and fewer doctors in our country are actually Caucasian, which is something Obama is well aware of, hence Obamacare as his weapon of choice. Do you understand what I’m saying? Our president is actually helping terrorists come to this country and not only that, he has created a permanent way for them to be able to wreak havoc all across America.”

The former Texas senator’s father also pointed to the symbolism within Obama’s signature law: “And what is boggling my mind even now is how nobody, not one single person, questioned the name of the program. ‘Obamacare.’ I mean, I get what everybody thought it meant, but nobody bothered to ask the question, ‘care for what?’ For America? Nope, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s care for himself, I’ll tell you. ‘Obamacare,’ meaning ‘Obama only cares for Obama.’”

“I know it might sound stupid at first, but take a look at what he’s done in eight years: he’s destroyed our foreign policy, made us look week in the world, decreased the number of American troops overseas, and took part in recognizing same-sex marriage. And that’s just the major impacts, I’m not even going to mention the thousands of smaller ones,” the elder Cruz fumed.

He added: “And nobody is even asking about what he’s doing with the hundreds of thousands of refugees that are coming here. It’s as if that’s not our problem, like we need to let someone else handle it. Well, they will, they’ve started handling it, and it’s not going well. Terrorists are coming here, in numbers greater than we could have ever imagined. And it’s all because of our idiot of a president who brags about ending wars and bringing peace. He’s not bringing peace, he’s just starting another kind of war, the kind that’s bad for America.”

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