ISIS Lobbying For Obama’s Third Presidency

Mosul, Iraq – the ISIS forces have secretly started one of the most incredible and unbelievable campaigns in their young history. Reportedly, in the last few months, they have intensified their efforts to gather the resources necessary to create a powerful lobby, in the purpose of enabling Barrack Obama to be elected president for the third time. The great majority of the spoils from the plunder and looting that is constantly taking place throughout Iraq and Syria is intended for this, some would say, ludicrous plan to protect ISIS’s interests and goals of world domination.

Namely, during a recent interview with CNN, the press secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Clark W. Stevens, stated that “recent developments in the field clearly indicate that the ISIS forces have set their sights on the West once again, only in a much more devious and subtle way than ever before”. Stevens also said that “operational intelligence leads to the conclusion that ISIS intends to contact high-ranking members of the Senate and even President Obama’s office personnel in order to obtain firsthand information about the requirements of their new strategy”.

“But, ISIS might have gotten ahead of themselves – there’s a little thing called the 22nd Amendment, which does not allow any president of the United States to be elected for office more than twice”, Stevens also said, and added “with the exception of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was president for four times, no other person was ever able to serve as the high commander of the US armed forces in more than two terms”.

ISIS is rumored to be interested in seeing Obama as president once again because they’ve managed to achieve more during his two terms than ever before; the general opinion of the militant group’s leaders is that “it shouldn’t be fixed if it’s not broken”.

Although every single US government agency is claiming that the ISIS cannot do any real harm to the country, the question of whether its president can (and will) remains unanswered; that is, at least until the next presidential election in 2016.
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