Ivanka Trump: “My Father’s Totally Loves Immigrant Women”

Ivanka Trump, daughter of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, claims her father “is a feminist.” She told The Sunday Times of London her father’s feminism is “a big reason I am the woman that I am today.” “He always told me and showed me that I could do anything I set my mind to if I married vision and passion with a work ethic,” she said. “He’s also surrounded me with strong female role models who have done just that since I was a little girl.”

“Women have always played a huge role in my father’s life, even when I was a little girl,” she told The Sunday Times. “And all this talk about how he hates immigrants and Mexicans and anybody who’s not American is very disruptive and totally not true. Like, he’s totally into immigrants and loves everybody who’s prepared to work hard and except a relatively low wage for it. The ones he has a problem with are law-breakers.”

Ivanka then went on to argue that everybody’s equal in the eyes of Donald Trump, “but only as long as they respect the law.” “I think he has a point when it comes to illegal immigrants and what they’re prepared to do just to make it over here and live their lives as Americans. Like, I can understand that things aren’t that great in Mexico, but they just don’t understand that they’re actually hurting the country they want to get into so badly by digging tunnels and jumping fences. If you’re legit, you’re on my dad’s good side. If you’re a fence jumper, he’ll deport you back so hard your pants will be on fire.”

“But the number one thing I love the most about my dad is the fact that he didn’t raise me by just telling me stories. He actually taught me by example. Like, his passions include business, now politics, and women. And by working hard at those three things, he was able to do well for himself and has also managed to pass that philosophy down to me. Like, I totally get why working hard is not a problem when you see the fruits of your labor almost instantaneously,” she shared with the press.

“So, bottom line,” Ivanka continued, “the greatest thing I have learned from my father is how to marry passion with hard work. For example, another one of my dad’s passions has always been helping others. So, he’s trying to protect the Mexicans that have emigrated to the U.S. legally by deporting all those who want to do the same illegally. And he loves immigrants, no matter where they come from. And since I’ve already mentioned that women are also his passion, he particularly loves women who happen to be immigrants.”

“I mean, he’s married at least two of them,” she said jokingly, causing the crowd to laugh. “And to be quite honest, what’s there not to like? They’re mostly gorgeous, they usually speak very little English, so the genetic capacity for nagging is almost completely absent or takes place in a foreign language, to say the least, they’re open to a range of different things because they need a green card and papers, and so, basically, they’re every man’s dream. In fact, I don’t know why more men don’t just marry immigrant women, they’d be much better off.”