Gov. Nathan Deal: “If People Don’t Like The Fact That They’re Colored, They Can Always Get Jacksonized”

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal regrets going off script to talk about “colored people during an address on education last month, although he doesn’t really regret using the term itself. In an interview with local station Fox 5 Atlanta, Deal says that when he talked about advancing “the state of colored people” in Georgia, he was making a reference to the NAACP, which stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. “I think I misspoke in that I did not use the entire name of the organization,” Deal told Fox 5 Atlanta.

After Fox 5 Atlanta’s Dale Russell pressed him on the issue, Deal argued that “it can happen to anyone,” and that other people “don’t get persecuted nearly as much as public officials” when it comes to the use of inadequate terminology during public speeches. “It’s not fair, we’re people too,” Deal complained. “We should also be allowed to have bad days and moments of weakness, where we just can’t think straight and sometimes make honest mistakes. But still, this scandal is not entirely my fault.”

When Russell asked him to elaborate, he said, “Well, I used the term by mistake, but not in a negative way. I mean, I wasn’t trying to be offensive or disrespectful, I was merely trying to signify a specific group of people in an entirely positive context. Yet, now I’m being judged by the same people who I’ve allegedly wronged. Well, I’m sorry, but I didn’t choose to be born white, as I’m sure none of them chose to be born African-American. Because, that’s the real problem here, those people are really objecting to the fact that I emphasized the color of their skin; it has nothing to do with the fact that I meant it in some negative way.”

“But, like I said – I didn’t make that choice for anyone, so don’t blame me for the fact that you were born black,” he argued. “You’re the ones who clearly have a problem with that. And what can I say, we’re living in pretty modern times these days. If you have a problem with the color of your skin, you have options, medical treatments and the like. After all, you could always take a couple of short visits to a dermatologist’s office and get Jackson-ized. I figure, if it worked for the King of Pop, it’s going to work for other black people too.”

“And to be perfectly clear – I’m not judging you or anything, I support you 100%. I’m all for living in accordance with your inner instincts, just like I don’t support getting used to things you don’t like about yourselves, especially not if you can change them. If you’re fat – get a liposuction. If you’re thin – start working out. If you’re bald – get a hair transplant. And ultimately, if you’re black – get Jackson-ized and live out the rest of your days as a white person. We’ll be glad to have you,” Deal concluded.