Janet Porter: “Mothers Should Consider Using Chastity Belts On Their Daughters To Prevent Unwanted Abortions”

Back in 2010, Religious Right activist Janet Porter, then going by her maiden name of Folger, announced that she had written a screenplay about her efforts to pass the nation’s first ban on partial birth abortion. That was the last we heard of her until Porter showed up on Cindy Jacobs’ pre-election conference call earlier this week, where she announced that she has secured $2 million in funding for the project. Even more exciting, Jacobs had given Porter a prophecy years ago that this movie would be “the tipping point to end abortion” in America, so obviously legal abortion’s days are numbered as Porter says they are to begin shooting the movie soon.

“This is just a stepping stone on the long and arduous path we have to walk in order to stop abortions in this country,” Porter told media outlets on Saturday. “But, at the same time, it’s also a road we’re more than willing to take, especially since we seem to be the only ones willing to sacrifice a lot of ourselves in order to prevail. And I know full well how it sounds when you tell someone, ‘Oh, hey, listen, I’m directing a movie that’s going to blow people’s minds when it comes to abortions, so it’d be really cool if you could check it out.’ That sort of thing doesn’t just happen, it’s not like you can plan it or anything. It’s just a moment of inspiration and before you know it, you have something worth watching.”

She added, “But, here’s the thing: the shooting is going to take some time, and then post-production is also going to last very long and there are a couple more things that are going to postpone the premiere. Until then, I have a suggestion on how mothers are to keep their daughters safe during these times of great curiosity for such young minds. Namely, I believe it’s about time chastity belts came back into play. And I think that they’re the perfect way to prevent unwanted abortions in this modern day and age of smartphones and social networks. I’d like to see someone build an app that unlocks a chastity belt,” she said jokingly. “As a matter of fact – I dare you.”

And while some I.T. genius is by now surely far away in his research on how to open chastity belts, Porter went on about how unwanted abortions actually come from “not wanting to have sex, but defying rules imposed by others.” “And when I say others, I mostly mean parents. They represent the oppressor in their child’s minds. And that’s why it’s important to change children’s minds so that they abandon that way of thinking.” “And that can be done perfectly,” she added. “All you need to do is see my movie when it premieres. Of course, you should get your girl a chastity belt before that, you know, just to be on the safe side. But, that’s just my advice,” Porter concluded.