Jay-Z Featuring The Brooklyn Nets To Begin Soon At Barclays Center

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Jay-Z and the Brooklyn Nets are preparing to take on Spike Lee and the New York Knicks at the brand new Barclays Center on November 1. The contest will be the inaugural game for the revamped and relocated Brooklyn Nets, and the first major event for the huge Nets fan base that has surged over the offseason. The groundswell of Nets support has been phenomenal, and fans could not be more excited for the season to begin.

“Just imagine if Kanye shows up,” said Park Slope resident Todd McKenna, when asked about his feelings towards the Nets. Most Brooklyn natives and new residents have quickly gravitated towards the revolutionized franchise, citing new apparel and merchandise, the involvement of Jay-Z, and even the real possibility that the Nets could make the playoffs as reasons for their excitement.

The Barclays Center promises to be an incredible venue, ideal for fans taking pictures of each other throughout games. “I can’t wait to see the arena. It’s pretty amazing,” volunteered Williamsburg native Shay Allen. “And if you go at the right time, I heard they’re going to have basketball games going on there.”

Rapper Jay-Z, who owns roughly .001% of the Nets, accounts for about 85 percent of their popularity. Jay-Z has scheduled over a hundred performances there this season alone.