Sheen: “I Wake Up And Everybody’s Charlie! Again!”

Everybody knows that psychiatrists all around the world feel that Charlie Sheen has way more than “Two And A Half Men” in his personality, and the man himself keeps reaffirming their opinions whenever he gets the chance.

Whether it’s “marrying porn stars, having almost a public orgy at his house or calling out whoever he gets the chance on social networks (and in person), Sheen is definitely the kind of guy that makes you feel…well, something; you either love him or you hate him.

And it would seem that “Green Bay Packers fans are absolutely mad about him; one even managed to land a big, fat kiss on the lips from the actor. It’s true – Sheen was so pumped about the Green Bay Packers beating the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday that he ragged with fans at a local bar after the game, and actually kissed a dude on the mouth to celebrate.

“The actor, apparently, flew in especially for the playoff game and hit up a place called Symba’s Pub and Grub afterwards. He even bought shots and drinks for a bunch of Cheeseheads who were still fired up about the victory.

“However, at the end of the night, things got a bit kissy in the bar – and a male Packers fan decided to seal the victory with a liplock from Sheen. He must have figured that, if the players can pat each other on the ass, he should be quite comfortable exploring Sheen’s esophagus with his tongue. The best part? Sheen seemed happy about it.

“I’ve been reading a lot about the #JeSuisCharlie hashtag lately, and let me tell you – it’s got me into some weird s**t, man! It’s like everywhere I look, there’s a Charlie; it ain’t cool, man, I have enough trouble with hallucinations and delusions as it is. I had to kiss a guy just get my barrings straight, I don’t need that crap,” the actor told Newslo.
Well….the way we figure, it’s better than #JeSuisObama.