Jeb Bush: “I Don’t Know If Trump Is Drunk, Fell From His Tower Or Just Wants To Gamble On US Future”

“Des Moines, Iowa – Donald Trump slammed potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, telling a sold-out crowd Saturday at the Iowa Freedom Summit there is “no way” they would win.

““The last thing we need is another Bush,” the real estate mogul and sometimes-conservative pundit told the crowd, which erupted in applause. “He’s very, very weak on immigration. His brother gave us Obama – because Abraham Lincoln coming back from the dead could not have beaten Obama.”
“He added, “and Mitt? No.”

“The Des Moines summit is packed with potential 2016 GOP candidates, who are set to speak throughout the day. Bush and Romney, though, did not attend, making them an even bigger target for event organizers and speakers who deem them too moderate, particularly for the first-in-the-nation caucus state.

“Trump, in his signature style, laid out a laundry list of reasons why conservatives should not vote for Romney or Bush and said if he were president, the first thing he’d do is build a fence to keep out illegal immigrants.
““I’m Trump. I build things,” he said, toying with the crowd that he might run for president in 2016.

“Trump told the crowd his international business associates laugh at America’s leadership and said he’d restore respect if selected.
““I’m looking at it very seriously…I want to make this country great again,” Trump said. “I am seriously thinking of running for president.”

On the other hand, former president George W. Bush’s brother, Jeb, stated that he “had no idea what came over an otherwise serious and legitimate businessman to make such comments.”

“To be perfectly honest, I have nothing against Mr. Trump; what’s more, I admire the man because of what he has achieved and the legacy he has built with his own two hands. However, I do not feel that his recent comments regarding Mitt and myself will further help him in his career,” Jeb told Newslo.

He also added: “I have no idea whether Trump fell from one of his towers, got drunk from his own vodka or just developed a sudden urge to gamble with the future of our great country, but politics can be very, very flammable. Maybe the man should have his head checked before he speaks publicly again. I mean, not even that utterly ridiculous excuse of a hairstyle listens to him, so why should anyone else? Trump as president? A man who looks like he’s wearing a golden retriever puppy on his head? Seriously? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

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