Jeff Sessions Calls To Ban Kenyans And Blacks From U.S. Army: “They Tend To Be Spies Because They Can Hide In The Dark More Easily”

In a 2012 interview, Jeff Sessions – Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general – told a radio host immigrants should not be allowed to serve in the military, arguing that immigrants are more likely to be spies, the Intercept reports. Speaking with radio host Lars Larson in April 2014, Sessions asked, “in terms of who’s going to be most likely to be a spy: somebody from Cullman, Alabama, or somebody from Kenya?” He also added it is “unbelievable” that during times of high unemployment, Americans are being turned down to serve in the military. “I just think this is not the right thing to do right now,” he said, referring to recruiting immigrants.

Recently, Sessions was at it again, arguing that “Kenyan, as well as black people” should be banned from serving in the U.S. Army due to the fact that “they’re naturally more desirable to be trained as spies,” seeing how their dark complexion “makes them ideal when it comes to camouflage and moving across various terrains unnoticed.” “I mean, you really don’t need a NASA-level paycheck to figure out that the darker someone’s skin is, the more difficult it’s going to be to spot them sneaking around at night. And when you’re a foreign terrorist organization that’s just aching to pick a fight and do some damage on the United States, that’s exactly the profile of people you’re going to be looking for do to the job,” Sessions told media outlets when asked if he still supports the same position on immigration. “I really have nothing against either group of people, but come on, we need to set some boundaries.”

Sessions added that “there was a time when we feared the Soviets, and with good reason.” “They were mean, they were well trained, they were exceptionally dangerous and they were a b*tch to apprehend, but Soviet spies were white and none of them could spend hours crouching less than 10 feet from you and not be noticed. And the game has changed, ladies and gentlemen; the spies of today are capable of standing within 2 inches behind your back on a dark night and get away with it because their skin color allows them to do so. And you want to know the worst part? Because of everything that’s happening throughout the country with black people and other minorities, there’s a risk many of them will volunteer to be trained as foreign agents because they feel oppressed,” he said.

Sessions also added, “that’s why there’s a real danger of black people and Kenyans mostly, but generally speaking, all dark-skinned Americans and immigrants who are on American soil at the moment. Your best friend could, in fact, be an agent of ISIS and you could be in imminent danger without realizing it. That’s why the first order of business is to prevent them from inflicting maximum damage to our armed forces, which is to say, to get them out of the military and away from important installations and defensive capacities. Then we’ll see.” “But don’t worry – Donald Trump’s administration has a plan, we always have a plan. And if you hear about African Americans and other minority members being rounded up and placed in containment camps in the following days, don’t worry about it – it’ll mean Donald Trump is just taking care of business and is making America great again,” he concluded.