Jennifer Lawrence Behind Leaking Of Her Nude Photos

“Louisville, Kentucky – Aspiring young actress Jennifer Lawrence, whose naked pictures flooded the Internet recently, along with many other celebrities in the latest hacker attack, seems to have “made her own soup” due to wanting stellar success the quick and painful way.

“It’s not strange for celebrities and those who are just lazy, but want to be famous to start making scandals and cook-up different marketing tricks and strategies in order to gain more popularity. But, every now and then, the public just isn’t fooled and sees through (in the case of Lawrence – quite literally) their shenanigans.
That is precisely what has happened with the young actress, whose transparent attempt to be the focus of the media could be said to have worked…only temporarily, though. “She contacted me a while ago, which kind of got my alarm up, since I’m not an easy man to find. For a while, she pretended to want to chat with me, no strings attached, but I knew something was up since she was somewhat famous. And, as it turned out, I was right – she wanted me to leak pictures of her naked, while she would pretend to know nothing about it”, an unidentified source said.

“Well, this is just preposterous, what on Earth made you think that?!”, Lawrence yelled when asked to comment. “This is almost as unbelievable as me wanting to charge $15 to have people see my naked pictures! You want to know why both of these are heinous lies? Because I charge $20!”, she added.

What’s next, Jennifer? Perhaps the public will be privy to your “private video” that you claim not to have; maybe you will leak that too and then go on about how your privacy has been violated, right before you start charging people to see it on a porn site. One thing’s for sure – at least you won’t lack an audience.

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