Jenny Sandford’s Political Intentions Leaked Via Emails with Her Ex-Husband

To: Mark Sanford <[email protected]>

Subject: Making Amends

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to touch base with you. I know we haven’t spoken since you failed as a husband and father, but it’s been several years now and I think we can put it behind us.

Seeing as you and I may be competing for a South Carolina house seat, I just wanted to reach out my hand and give you the finger. I mean, *wish you good luck. Damn, the autocorrect on the iPhone sucks!

How are you and the mistress doing? I hear you’re engaged now. That’s wonderful. I’m sure our 4 sons would be happy for you too if they weren’t still heartbroken over the fact that you destroyed our family. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

I just want to make sure we’re on the same page about this whole “election” thing. I hope you and I can behave professionally— I’d hate to give the media even more material to exploit you as a terrible person, you know? I think we both deserve a fair run.

Politics aside, do you think you could come by the house next weekend? I still have a lot of your junk and it’s taking up a bunch of space in the house. Heads up though, I sold most of your stuff yesterday at a garage sale. Those hiking boots you bought sold for A LOT of money! It’s funny how trash can be valuable to some people. Speaking of, say hi to mistress Maria for me.

Anyways, I’m off to a press conference. Apparently the public really likes me! Who knew single moms overcoming the devastation of a heartless husband faired so well in the limelight?

I’ll be in touch. *Won’t be in touch. Damn autocorrect.


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