Jim Simpson: “Obama And Hillary Founded ISIS To Persuade Syrians To Relocate To U.S. In Order To Seize Power”

Jim Simpson, a conservative writer who works closely with the Center for Security Policy, told the Center’s Jim Hanson in an interview recently that refugee resettlement to the U.S. must be stopped because liberals are using it as a ploy to bring in “people from all over the world that do not share our culture and our values” because they know that the “beliefs we as Americans hold stand directly in the way of them gaining power.”

Simpson also argued that the liberals are willing to go to unimaginable lengths in order to seize power, including setting up shop for a number of terrorist organizations they would later on pretend they are fighting against. “And you have the most obvious example of that, which is ISIS, of course,” he said. “ISIS is an artificial creation intended to disrupt the situation in the Middle East so that the region would continue to serve as an excuse for domestic power plays and political scandals.”

“In fact, I can tell you here and now that President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton are the founders of ISIS. That’s no secret, every man, woman and child knows that throughout the Middle East,” Simpson argued. “But, why would two Americans who claim to be patriots do such a thing, you ask? It’s simple – if you have ISIS, they ‘persuade,” in lack of a better term, the population in Syria and other countries to relocate. And where do they want to relocate? America, of course, this is the promise land.”

He continued, “What that means for us here, for Americans who just want peace and the ability to have freedom in their own country, is a disaster. Because when you see all those refugees here, they’re willing to work for miserable pay, for food and shelter. That sits well with employers because it means they have to pay less on worker salaries. The end result? Even more Americans lose their jobs and the economy starts relying on a foreign population. Politically speaking, it’s every liberal’s dream situation – it proves that it’s supposedly impossible to rebuild the economy using home-grown labor, which is a stable in GOP propaganda, most notably that of Donald Trump.”

“And where does that leave us?” Simpson asked. “In the very situation we’re in right now. The Democrats are about to extend their rule and the only one who can mess up their plans is Donald Trump.” The writer also added, “What pains me the most is the fact that millions of Americans don’t realize they’re just cogs in a multi-billion dollar industry. They keep paying their taxes so that the government, and by that I mean the Obama administration, could use that money to bring more refugees into the country, and then give them jobs that could otherwise be performed by Americans. And that’s how the Democrats seize power – by lying and making empty, mind-boggling promises,” he concluded.