John Bolton: “Obama Is Unable To Understand Putin Because He’s Suffering From Color Mentality”

President-elect Donald Trump praised Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday afternoon, after the Russian leader said he would not expel any U.S. diplomats from his country. Trump tweeted, “Great move on delay (by V. Putin) – I always knew he was very smart!” It’s shockingly direct praise from an incoming American president for a Russian leader who’s been accused by U.S. intelligence agencies and President Barack Obama of overseeing hacking efforts aimed at influencing the 2016 election. On the same day, former United National ambassador John Bolton reacted on “Fox & Friends” to President Barack Obama sanctioning Russian intelligence officials over hacking suspicions.

Asked to comment on why there seems to be such an understanding and mutual respect between Trump and Putin, Bolton argued that the two are “obviously on the same wavelength,” but added that the fact that they’re both also white and blonde “might have something to do with it as well.” “You know, this sort of thing is one of those questions that are always going to remain unanswered,” Bolton said. “Clearly, race has a lot to do with it and I would argue that that’s probably the single most important thing that connects the two hardliners. On the other hand, Obama is kind of stuck in the middle of it all, which I guess is understandable, considering the fact that he’s suffering from color mentality.”

Asked to elaborate, the former UN ambassador opined that President Barack Obama still thinks like a slave, which is why he’s “having trouble” getting into the conversation between the two. “On one hand, I have to say I kind of understand the man,” Bolton said. “But on the other, I mean, if we’re being completely honest, he never should have become President, because at some point, we had to ask ourselves what’s going to happen when his four, or in this particular case, eight years come to an end. Everybody kept praising the fact that we had finally gotten an interracial president, when we should have been planning ahead all this time. And now it’s come back to bite us in the a*s.”

Bolton also argued that the fact that President Obama was “still stuck in colonial times” didn’t do well for America at all, especially since “we’re now in a position where, as far as the world is concerned, Russia is the epitome of democracy and especially diplomatic restraint, and America has been assigned the role of the oppressor and invader.” “It’s like the decades-old, Cold War roles have been reversed,” he said. “Thanks to a lack of understanding between Obama and Putin – something that’s obviously benefited the Russians far more than it has us – they are now the good guys and we’ve been made into the bad guys. It’s like we’re living in some weird, parallel universe.”

“The passive, submissive and beta-like slave mindset that has been the prevailing characteristic of the Obama presidency is what has brought us to the verge of implosion. Donald Trump came in the nick of time to save the day, and I have high hopes that his alpha-male, dominant, proactive approach to business and politics will finally get us back in the ring with the top dogs. We’ve been away far too long,” Bolton concluded.