Judge Jeanine Calls President-Elect To “Send Michelle Back To Kenya Since She’s Lost All Hope Here”

Outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama’s comment that Americans have lost hope following the election of Donald Trump got under the skin of Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro who went off on a rant about Benghazi and Muslim beheadings, before bizarrely stating, “America rejected you.” Jeanine said, “Michelle, you may not realize it, but Americans rejected you and everything you stand for. Hope is when people – 30,000 at a time – stand in line in the cold with their children hoping to get a glimpse of a man they think can change the course of their lives from the downward spiral that you and ‘Mister Hope and Change’ have put them on.”

“And saying that Americans have lost hope is not just a heinous lie, but also an insult to the hard working men and women of this country, who went out and voted for Donald Trump, and also those who voted for Hillary Clinton – only the latter group just isn’t aware of it yet,” Jeanine added. “And to make things perfectly clear, even if that were true – which it isn’t – but even if it was, there would still be some good that could come from all of that. And that would be the fact that Donald Trump would have no obstacles to fixing and improving the lives of Americans immeasurably compared to what they were while you and your pathetic excuse of a husband/President did to this country over the course of 8 years.”

She continued, “In fact, I don’t think you truly believe that Americans have lost hope: I think you’re the one who’s hopeless, because it’s finally dawned on you that you won’t be flying in AirForce One for free anymore, nor have security 24/7 or your hair done daily thanks to taxpayers’ money. And if I’m right, which I believe I am, I’m glad you’re finally starting to realize what life was like for the rest of us while you were off spending money on decorating the White House and having expensive, luxury dinners and vacations every couple of months. Because, this is the real life and now that you’re being reminded of what it feels like, maybe you’ll finally have the decency to go back to Kenya with your husband and make Americans throughout the nation truly happy for the first time in two presidential terms.”

“And let’s be completely real here,” Jeanine said. “I’m not saying Donald Trump is going to be incredibly successful or the best president of all times; what I am saying, however, is that there’s no way to go from here but up, towards something better. Because the state Michelle Obama and her husband are leaving this country in is just appalling, and I hope to God neither of them are ever again given positions where they’re able to control something or someone or influence their actions and make important decisions. And that goes especially for Kenyans. I mean, if they ever let the two of them hold important jobs or be in any way relevant in terms of Kenya’s public life, they’re doomed just as badly as America was until Donald Trump came to our rescue. God himself sent him to us, there’s no other way to explain it,” she concluded.