Judge Pirro: “Every Woman Would Rather Get Groped By Trump Than Raped By Mexicans”

Judge Jeanine Pirro has continuously been an outspoken supporter of GOP nominee Donald Trump. She’s also had a lot of harsh words for his Democratic counterpart, Hillary Clinton. During the opening statement of her Saturday night show, however, Pirro got a little lost in her words when her teleprompter cut out and she was left to improvisation, which resulted in a lot of dead air.

“Um, you know folks, we’re experiencing some technical difficulties here, so I’m just going to, um, talk about, um,” she struggled to come up with the ammunition to go after Hillary while simultaneously sifting through paper after paper in search of her handwritten statement. “But what I wanted to address on this occasion is this whole groping scandal that has derived from the so-called tape of Donald Trump,” she was finally able to muster a complete sentence. “I think there’s a lot to be said there in Donald Trump’s defense, and I’m more than willing to do it, if I could just, uh, there it is,” she finally found the paper she was looking for.

“As a woman, I want to say something out loud and I want to make sure I am heard,” she argued. “Every single woman out there, including myself, would rather get groped by Donald Trump than raped by a bunch of testosterone-brimming Mexicans. And yes, I deliberately mentioned Mexicans because immigration reform is an important staple of Trump’s political agenda. When he builds his wall on the southern border and we’ve successfully stopped the influx of illegal Mexican immigrants into the U.S., then we’ll be able to talk about who has a tape of whom allegedly saying this and that.”

She continued, “Well, when I say ‘every woman,’ I’m of course not referring to Hillary Clinton. Given her stance on immigration and non-Americans in the country, I think she’d love to have herself some Latin love, if you catch my drift.” The judge then went on to say that getting groped by the Republican presidential candidate “used to be a privilege,” and that he “should not be blamed for it.”

“Our problem is not Donald Trump; he’s just the tool through which our culture becomes realized. The problem lies in the fact that we have commercialized sex so much in this country that our entire culture is literally based on it. Everywhere you look, a woman is being objectified, whether it’s a lingerie commercial, burger ad, beer billboard or those darn leggings. And what’s Trump supposed to do in such a situation, deny his own instincts? That would be such a cruel thing to do,” she said.

“In the unlikely event that he actually did say those words, which I don’t believe to be true, but in the event that he did, he should be forgiven,” Pirro said. “At least until he becomes president and builds his wall. Then we’ll call him to answer for his actions, I’ll be the first one to summon him to court. But until then, Mexicans will continue to walk the streets of America, preying on their next victim. And I don’t want to have anything to do with them, as I’m sure no sane American woman does either. So I think we should let Trump do his thing, and then charge him for it when the time is right. Because right now, he’s just the lesser of two evils, it’s as simple as that,” Pirro concluded.