Michele Bachmann: “Our Children Must Realize That Watching ‘Jurassic World’ Is A Major Sin”

“An earthquake was felt in several Israeli cities at precisely 6:34 p.m. on Saturday. Uri Frieslander of the Israeli Geological Institute said the first station to log the quake was in Eilat. The Israel Geological Survey reported that the earthquake measured a 5.5 on the Richter scale. It also reported that the epicenter was 90 kilometers south of Eilat.

The American Geological Survey said it occurred on the East African Rift. Israelis reported feeling the earthquake from cities such as Be’er Sheva, Tel Aviv, Hod Hasharon, Holon, Netanya, Jerusalem, and as far north as Nazareth Illit.

“Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann said several months ago during a radio interview that Americans need to be aware that they may potentially see the End Times within their lifetime, suggesting that the U.S. “cry out to a Holy God” to avoid punishment when the End Times do happen. While speaking with Jan Markell on her “Understanding the End Times” radio program, Bachmann suggested that Americans repent before it is too late and Jesus Christ returns to earth. Bachmann pointed specifically to abortion and the legalization of same-sex marriage in the U.S. as reasons why America may face punishment during the End Times.

Commenting on the earthquake that struck Israel on Saturday, Bachmann also stated the Hollywood movie “Jurassic World,” which premiered in late May this year, is an “example of what the kids of today are deviously being made to watch, and what is turning them away from their faith.” She said: “That movie is just the latest in a series of blockbusters designed to corrupt our youth and make them forsake their religion. But, what’s even more horrible is the manner in which it is being done. It’s not sudden and forceful, no; it is very quiet and subtle, just like the way in which the Devil does his work.”

Bachmann then went on to talk about the atheist groups that are ravaging Hollywood from inside: “The atheist lobby is incredibly powerful. Some statistics show that there has been a steady growth in the production of anti-Christian movies over the course of several years in Hollywood. And now, the culmination – a motion picture that completely denounces the Biblical story of the world’s creation.”

She also added: “It has been a longtime goal of atheists in this country to strike at the very core of Christianity – the youngest members of our society. I’m sad to say I’m afraid that they’re getting better and better at hitting us where it hurts the most. Our children are our future as well as the future of our faith. If they’re corrupted, that really will be the End of Times for all of us.”

“You saw what happened in Israel on Saturday. It’s already begun, the beginning of the end is here. We best come to our senses as soon as possible, or we just might have ourselves another Sodom and Gomorrah,” Bachmann concluded.

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