Kanye West: “Caitlyn’s Transition Was Due To Facing Discrimination For Being Straight In The Fashion World”

Rapper Kanye West, whose growing presence in the fashion world has drawn a mixed reaction, says he faces discrimination for being straight. West last month suddenly announced a show of his military-inspired Yeezy line during New York Fashion week, angering some more established designers.

“I felt that I got discriminated against in fashion also for not being gay, whereas in music you definitely get discriminated against if you’re gay,” West, who manages to stay persistently in the spotlight, told the fashion website Showstudio.com.

West stressed his support for LGBT rights. His wife, reality television star Kim Kardashian, is the stepdaughter of Caitlyn Jenner, who has brought widespread awareness to transgender issues by transitioning to be a woman.

Speaking exclusively for Newslo, the rapper who refers to himself as a “creative genius,” revealed that Caitlyn Jenner’s transition into a woman was a difficult decision, but that it was not made solely based on the desire and need of formerly Bruce Jenner.

“There was also that, I mean, obviously, to live a life without being at liberty and peace with who you really are, who you feel you are on the inside can drive a person insane, so the transition was understandable. However, Caitlyn’s inner urges were just a part of the story. Many don’t know that she was actually discriminated in the fashion world for years, even before her transition. Those were very difficult times for her,” the rapper told Newslo.

He added: “Since the majority of the fashion industry and fashion world is gay, you can imagine how someone who is straight and at the same time wants to be a part of that world would have felt. I mean, I’m pretty much feeling the same thing right now, for sure. I’m not trying to make parallels, but that’s probably how gay people feel surrounded by those who are straight. However, the constant pressure and discrimination, I remember that some people wouldn’t even talk to her or look at her because she was straight, that kind of pressure can have severe consequences.”

Asked if the situation was remedied after Caitlyn’s transition, West replied, “Well, she’s a woman now, who hasn’t changed her sexual preferences on the inside. So, I guess that would make her a lesbian for the time being. Meaning, she’s able to completely fit into the fashion world as if she was born in it. Call her Caitlyn; b**ch, she’s fabulous.”