Kim Jong-un Executes Uncle to Make Room for Dennis Rodman

PYONGYANG, North Korea — On Friday North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un had his uncle and second in command, Chang Song-thaek, executed for allegedly challenging the supreme leader’s authority. Analysts have speculated that this decision came as part of Jong-un’s attempts to consolidate power over the country.

However new developments indicate that the purge was carried in order to make room for Kim Jong-un’s new top advisor; Dennis Rodman.

Hall of Fame basketball player Rodman is due to travel to North Korea sometime this week. It will his third trip to the country in a year. During his first two visits Rodman was apparently secretly vetted out by Kim Jong-un to become his new number two.

With the position vacant after Song-thaek’s expulsion and execution, Dennis Rodman will officially be sworn in as North Korea’s Supreme National Defender within the month.