Knicks Fans Already Forget Who Jeremy Lin Is

NEW YORK — With the New York Knicks’ hot start to the season, Knicks fans are asking, “Jeremy who?” Knicks fans were recently asked how the excitement of this season’s beginning compares to the ‘Linsanity’ of last season. It’s clear that Jeremy Lin is an out-of-reach memory in the minds of Knicks fans.

One hundred percent of Knicks fans surveyed didn’t know what ‘Linsanity’ meant, while twenty-one percent thought the interviewer just had a stroke.

“Who gives a shit about last season? We’ve been kicking ass this season!” said one excited fan.

“Jeremy Lin?” responded another fan. “Doesn’t ring a bell. He couldn’t be more entertaining than Rasheed Wallace though I bet! Have you see him lug his way down the court? You never know if he’s gonna make it!”

Lin started his first NBA game for the Knicks in February of last season. He became a New York hero and nationwide phenomenon out of nowhere, recording one of the greatest starts to a career in NBA history. But after failing to arrive at agreeable terms with Knicks management this past off-season, Lin signed with the Houston Rockets. His season has started very shaky, performing nowhere near his level of play last season.

For many Knicks fans, the disappointing end to last season seemed to have had a damaging effect to its charm. Season-ticket holder Eric Bridgeman admits, “No, the last thing I remember from last season is getting crushed by Miami. You have to realize that there’s very little of the Knicks’ past fans want to remember. I mean, apparently Steve Francis was a Knick at one point last decade. Were the Knicks even around last decade?”

Knicks power forward Amar’e Stoudamire says he hopes to return from the injured list soon as to not fade into anonymity like Lin.