Knick Fans Counting Down to the Beginning of Another Disappointing Season

NEW YORK — The NBA season gets underway next week, and New York Knick fans are looking forward to a season of missed big shots from Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudamire injuries, and failures to meet expectations.

After adding players such as Jason Kidd, Kurt Thomas and Marcus Camby, the Knicks enter this season with the most run-down team in NBA history.  “Makes sense,” admitted Knicks fan Lisa Romero. “The youthful inexperience of Landry Fields and Jeremy Lin really hurt us last year.”

While the last decade has been tough for fans of the New York Knicks according to James Dolan is confident.

Knick Fans Counting Down to the Beginning of Another Disappointing Season

Fans are already getting a taste of things to come this preseason. Stoudamire will miss the next 2-3 weeks with a cyst in the back of his left knee. Despite Carmelo leading the preseason so far in points per game, the team has not looked good in the eyes of most fans.

“A shitty Knicks team with one guy scoring all the points?” said Knicks season-ticket holder James Dolan Ernst. “It’s like the Isiah Thomas days all over again! Who can’t get excited for that?”

Team Owner James Dolan Said

Team owner James Dolan held a press conference recently and talked about the upcoming season.  “This will be quite an entertaining year,” Dolan announced. “Wait, let me clarify that: it will be entertaining for me. I definitely get pleasure out of torturing the Knicks fans.”

When asked about the decision to not bring back Lin, Dolan answered, “It was a tough one, but I had to do it for Isiah and my feelings. Jeremy deceived me, and that’s why.”

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