LaBarbera: “Sharia Law Wants To Chop Off Our Heads, Gayria Law Wants To Chop Off Our Genitals”

Anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality was a guest on Janet Mefferd’ radio program last week, where the two discussed the lawsuit that ultimately shut down the ex-gay “reparative” therapy group JONAH, which LaBarbera said is a sign that “gayria law” is taking over America. “This effort to squelch dissent is just extraordinary,” he said, “and I think it is really unique to the homosexual movement…I’m calling it gayria law. We talk about sharia law, but I think the bigger danger right now in America is gayria law, it’s this all-encompassing drive, this totalitarian drive to enforce gay power everywhere, and it’s growing.”

“I mean, just look at what’s going on in our country on a daily basis, the gays have won the fight and now they’re winning the war,” he added. “I mean, sharia law wants to cut our heads off, but now you have, like I said, gayria law, which threatens to cut off the genitals of every straight person out there who dares to say a single word against the LGBT community. I don’t know what it was like living in the Soviet Union, but it must have felt something like this. Our freedom of speech is being oppressed on every corner, and the press and media have already taken a liking to the gay agenda because of the enormous amounts of money they’re getting from it.”

LaBarbera went on to claim that “patriotic, Christian Americans have become a minority in their own country,” and that “even our children are now taught that being gay is okay, instead of being taught that homosexualism is a disease, a mental condition. A complete and utter twisting of moral, religion and culture, that’s what’s going on in America right now. You remember the sexual revolution in the sixties? Well, this is the opposite, this is sexual Armageddon.”

LaBarbera also opined, “I remember, when I was in school, they taught us that the Nazis in World War II used to tattoo Jews who were headed for gas chambers in death camps. Well, the gays are doing the same thing now, only God-fearing Americans have assumed the role of the Jews. Gayria law isn’t coming, it’s already here and instead of forcing us to have tattoos, they’re going to cut off our genitals and send us to be brainwashed into thinking that being gay is a normal thing. They’ve already started doing it with our kids, and soon it’ll be our turn. Right now, I don’t even think ISIS is that big of a threat compared to the gay lobby in America, and I’m sure plenty of people out there agree with me.”

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